Hisense announces new tech in its 2021 home theater lineup

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The home theater market is intensely competitive, and Hisense has been making waves lately. The company has been striking hard at competitor TCL and others like Samsung and LG. Today Hisense announced its new home theater lineup for 2021, which also comes with some new tech.

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New technologies like ULED XD Dual-Cell and 8K; upgrades like Quantum Dot and ultra-high-speed HDMI; screen sizes spanning 32 to 120-inches; and multiple content platforms and smart home capabilities, the new Hisense lineup also delivers more premium options for viewers.

“In 2020, Hisense achieved a significant milestone in having the largest increase in LCD TV market share in North America. We were also in the top 5 TV brands and the fastest growing among the top five TV brands by units in North America,” said David Gold, President of Hisense USA, “The company’s continued growth and rapid rise in rankings is a testament to our success in the U.S. We’re continuing to build on our high-performing and high-quality products to bring even more options to the market in 2021 for consumers to have a premium viewing experience.”

HiSense U8 4K TV
The U8 Series

Pricing And Availability For The 2021 HiSense Lineup

  • U9DG Series will be available Summer 2021 for $3,499.99 (75”) MSRP
  • U800GR Series will be available Summer 2021 for $3,199.99 (75”) MSRP
  • U8G Series will be available May 2021 for $949.99 (55”) MSRP and $1,299.99 (65”) MSRP
  • U7G Series will be available Summer 2021 for $749.99 (55”) MSRP, $949.99 (65”) MSRP and $1399.99 (75”) MSRP
  • U6G Series is available now for $499.99 (50”), $549.99 (55”) MSRP, $749.99 (65”) MSRP and $1,099.99 (75”) MSRP 
  • A6 Series is available now for $299.99 (43”), $379.99 (50”) MSRP, $429.99 (55”) MSRP, $599.99 (65”) MSRP and $849.99 (75”) MSRP
  • R6 Series will be available Fall 2021 for $399.99 (43”), $499.99 (50”) MSRP, $599.99 (55”) MSRP, $799.99 (65”) MSRP and $1099.99 (75”) MSRP
  • R7 Series will be available Fall 2021 for $429.99(43”) MSRP, $529.99 (50”) MSRP, $629.99 (55”) MSRP and $829.99 (65”) MSRP
  • L5 Laser Cinema is available now for $4999.99 (120”) MSRP
  • Hisense soundbars are available Spring 2021 for $199.99 (HS212F), $279.99 (HS219) and $399.99 (HS312) 

U9DG Series

Hisense’s new U9DG Series brings the brand’s breakthrough Dual-Cell™ Technology into living rooms this year. Experience movies and TV shows like never before thanks to the impressive contrast of the U9DG Series’ pure whites and deep blacks. Unique to Hisense, Dual-Cell works by layering a luminance control panel behind the 4K panel to manage grayscale and color more precisely.

This television, which features over 2 million dimming zones, reaches an impressive static contrast ratio of 150,000:1 and a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, making it one of the most advanced LED TV technologies in the industry. Dark scenes are as distinct as bright ones, with even more detail and richer shades of color.


U800GR Series

As a member of the 8K Association, Hisense introduces another new premium option to the ULED Series with the U800GR, featuring 33 million pixels and four times more depth and clarity than a 4K TV. The latest Hisense Roku TV model combines extraordinary 8K picture, three-dimensional Dolby Atmos sound, and the Roku OS, America’s #1 TV streaming platform, into an all-in-one entertainment powerhouse.

The U800GR Series features ULED Premium Technology, Quantum Dot technology, up to 1,000 nit peak brightness, 480 Motion Rate, a native 120Hz panel, and up to 180 local dimming zones to deliver dazzling picture quality on its 75” screen. With the 8K Upscaler, users can experience an exceptional picture with amazing image details for a stunning entertainment experience whether watching in regular HD, 4K or 8K. The 8K Upscaler analyzes the picture frame-by-frame and automatically adjusts pixels, producing a more realistic image regardless of the content resolution.


U8G Series

The H9 Series has been critically acclaimed for its bright picture quality and stunning HDR viewing experience. This year, Hisense is bringing major enhancements with the introduction of the U8 Series, making it the choice for a best-in-class TV and the perfect choice for people looking for picture quality that looks great no matter the content.

In addition to 4K Quantum Dot technology, the U8G now features Dolby Vision IQ, ultra-high-speed HDMI, a >10,000:1 contrast ratio, up to 360 FALD zones, and 1,500 nit peak brightness. Consumers can enjoy a truly cinematic experience with IMAX enhanced, Filmmaker Mode™, Dolby Vision IQ,VRR, FreeSync™ Premium, and HDR10+/HDR10. Audio is enhanced with Dolby Atmos, eARC, and comes WiSA Ready for a truly wireless home theater setup. Including a newly designed anti-glare, anti-reflection screen, and floating glass display, the U8G brings elegant design upgrades that elevate the viewing experience.

Hisense U7G

U7G Series

Gamers will be thrilled with the new U7G series, formerly the H8 Series. Available in 55, 65, and 75-inch screen sizes, players can have an immersive experience with newer consoles that support higher quality images and refresh rates. Hisense designed the U7G to bring a knockout experience with upgrades like Game Mode Pro and ultra-high-speed HDMI.

The new Game Mode Pro recognizes gaming sequences and automatically optimizes display settings for a top-notch experience. The automatic low-latency mode (ALLM), FreeSync™ Premium, and VRR deliver smooth, fluid gameplay by minimizing input lag, screen jitter, and frame tearing. The feature brings players instant response times, minimal motion blur and halo effects, and immersive surround sound.


U6G Series

In 2020, Hisense’s ULED TVs exceeded expectations for customers, leaving viewers impressed with the picture quality and overall performance. This year, Hisense is bringing that experience to even more people through the expansion of its ULED Series lineup to include the U6G.

The new U6G series features Android TV OS, an array of screen sizes, and price ranges for every room and every budget. Featuring ULED technology, Quantum Dots, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, 60Hz refresh rate, up to 60 FALD zones, and 600 nit peak brightness, users can enjoy stellar audio and picture quality at an even better price. The U6G comes in 50, 55, 65, and 75-inch options and upgrades like Filmmaker Mode™, automatic low-latency mode (ALLM), Google Assistant, and Chromecast.


You can check out all of Hisense’s offerings over on their website and you can find them in stores like Target, Best Buy, and Amazon.

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