Dell announces new Precision 3450 & 3650 workstations


There is no question we live in a mobile and remote working world. COVID-19 changed a lot of norms for the workforce. But while millions are working from laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, there are still those who need a robust workstation like the Precision 3450 & 3650.

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The Dell Precision line of workstations has been going for a very long time, and Dell has really updated these to better fit today’s workforce. These mighty workstations can handle AR/VR development, 3D modeling, video, and photo editing, as well as enterprise applications. Here’s what the company’s press release had to say about these two new Precision workstations:

Dell announces new Precision 3450 & 3650 workstations
Dell Precision 3650 and 3450.

Workstations are built to handle even the most performance-intensive tasks which require significant processing power and rely on professional-grade processors, storage, and graphics – think editing, designing, and CAD workflows. We also work with software partners like Adobe®, Autodesk®, and others to make sure their applications and our hardware are tested and optimized to deliver the best experience for users.

So, when it comes to workstations, don’t be fooled by terms like “entry-level” – our Precision 3000 Series systems offer workstation reliability, pack a punch, and can be configured for almost any task.

With the latest 11th Generation Intel® Core® or Xeon® W-1300 processors and faster memory speeds of up to 3200MHz, these systems will power through intensive tasks easily. Ideal for those working with large data sets, or 2D and 3D CAD, they feature PCI Express® Gen 4 graphics and storage capabilities configured with the latest NVIDIA and AMD professional graphics options. They also offer scalable, RAID-capable storage to deliver plenty of room for every project.

For creators and data scientists interested in exploring AR/VR or Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects, the Precision 3650 workstation is a great option. It features Intel® Deep Learning Boost technology that’s capable of quickly running inferencing algorithms on large data sets and features Ready for VR options to allow immersive workflows and maximize time in the creative ‘zone’. New features like the high speed (20Gb/sec) USB 3.2 ports and optional Thunderbolt 4 ports will help speed up data transfer to and from external devices and drives. This system will also support next-generation NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based GPUs, featuring NVIDIA RTX technology, in the coming months.

However, we recognize it’s not just about getting the job done faster for many of our specialized customers. Time isn’t just an enabler to do more of the same; it’s an opportunity to try new things and push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. So, whether you are designing infographics, creating 3D simulations and animations, or just crunching through large data sets, we have you covered with the expandable and affordable Precision 3000 Series workstations.


The Precision 3450 Small Form Factor and Precision 3650 Tower workstations are available now. Prices start at US$1089 and US$1219, respectively.

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Last Updated on May 10, 2021.

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