Viofo A139 review: A great choice in 3 channel dashcams

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Dashcams have been around for a long time now, but the practice of using dashcams has only just started to become popular in the United States. However, dozens of other countries have been using these handy cams for years, and they’re beneficial for various reasons. The Viofo A139 is a great choice for users looking for a system with 3 cameras.

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Dashcams can be helpful when you have an accident. The footage these things capture can help with an insurance claim or determine your innocence and the other party’s guilt. Dashcams can also be helpful in police traffic stops. Having your own camera running helps to document the stop and everyone’s actions. A dashcam like the Viofo A139 is also great for capturing other accidents.

Most people are running a single front camera, and while there’s nothing wrong with this. It’s probably a good idea to have multiple cameras. That’s where the Viofo A139 comes into play since this system has 3 high-quality cameras. Read on for the full review of the Viofo A139.


The Viofo A139 dashcam has the following features and specifications:

Image SensorSony Starvis Sensor
LensF1.6 Aperture 7 Elements Glass Lens
LCD DisplayNo Screen
ResolutionFront: (2560x1440P 30fps) ; Interior: (1920x1080P 30fps); Rear: (1920x1080P 30fps)
Mic & SpeakerBuilt-In
PortsDC5.0V/3.1A via USB Type-C
StorageUp to 256GB MicroSD
Video OutMP4
Wi-FiBuilt-in (802.11n 2.4GHz / 802.11ac 5GHz Dual band)
FeaturesG-Sensor & Buffered Parking Mode & Motion Detection & Time Lapse Supported
Op Temp-10℃ – 65℃
Store Temp-20℃~70℃
InputDC5.0V / 1A
Loop Mode1Minutes / 3Minutes / 5Minutes/ 10Minutes

What’s In The Box

  • Viofo A139 Main Camera
  • Rear Camera
  • Interior Camera
  • Polarizing Filter
  • Rear Camera 6M Cable
  • Interior Camera 1M cable
  • Car Charger Adapter
  • Type-C Cable
  • Card Reader Adapter
  • Trim Removal Tool
  • Front Mount Sticker
  • Two Rear Mount Stickers
  • Manuals and Documentation
Viofo A139 review: A great choice in 3 channel dashcams
What’s in The Box


There’s really nothing to write home about on the design aesthetic of the Viofo A139. It’s pretty basic in terms of looks and design. Everything is made of black plastics that are a high-quality and premium feeling. Nothing feels cheaply made, and everything feels robust and sturdy.

Even both of the smaller rear cameras feel well made. They are smaller and less robust than the main unit, but they’re of good quality. All of the included cables feel good and don’t look cheap. I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t have enough to reach the rear camera, but there was plenty.

The two rear cameras basically have a port for the cable and the lenses. They’re also rotatable. The main unit has a MicroSD card slot, Wi-Fi button, microphone button, emergency button, record button, and power button. There are also LED indicators for these as well.

There are also mics on the main unit and an A/V port, external mic port, USB-C power port, and the three ports for the cameras. The main Viofo A139 camera rotates so you can get the correct angle depending on how you mount it. For those of you who’d rather have a visual, check out the guide below.

Overall, it’s a nice design. Other cams are less bulky, but I don’t find this a problem. Once it is mounted on the windshield, you barely notice it is there. Depending on where you mount it, that is.

Ease of Use

Once you have the Viofo A139 set up and running, there’s really not much in the way of using it that is hard. For the most part, you start the car, and the A139 fires up and starts recording. Unless you have something specific to retrieve from the SD card, there’s really nothing to mess with.

Hopefully, you’ll never have an accident from which you’ll need to get the footage, but that’s pretty simple. Just eject the microSD card from the Viofo A139 and insert it into the adapter, then into your computer. You’ll find all of the footage right there for you to review.

It is important to note that the Viofo A139 will use the storage on your card, and once it is out of the room, it will start overwriting old files, so it never stops. Overall, this is a really simple dashcam to use.

Rear cameras

Setup and App

Setup of the Viofo A139 can go one of two ways, super easy or super involved. This really depends on how you want things to look. It took me just over an hour and a half to set this system up in my wife’s Honda Odyssey.

I chose to hide the wiring underneath paneling and other areas of the van. This does take time and patience if you want to do it right. You could leave wiring hanging around or exposed, but that would not only look bad, but you could accidentally pull on it and break something.

So I took the time to tuck all the wiring under panels and the headliner. The included plastic trim removal tool was handy for popping trim and tucking the wires under the trim. The included wiring was more than enough to make it from the back to the front of the Odyssey with some leftover. I was nervous there wouldn’t be enough, but it turned out great.

The included 3M tape does a great job of holding the main unit to the windshield, and it does a decent job of holding the two rear cameras in place. Overall, the physical installation and setup of the Viofo A139 isn’t hard at all; it is time-consuming if you want to do it right, but you can cut corners; that is totally up to you.

Once the physical install is over, you need to connect to the app. That’s not hard either. Just connect to the Viofo A139 WiFi hotspot, and you’re connected to the camera. You can change the camera settings here, including kph to mph, time zones, how long you want the loop to go, and other small nuances.

You can also see a live view within the app when you are connected to its WiFi hotspot. If you disconnect from its WiFi, you won’t be connected to it any longer. Not really a big deal since I don’t see a need to have a live view since, you know, I should be paying attention to the road.

You can go back here and watch clips if you need to do that quickly and not take the SD card out of the A139. The app is fairly basic. It’s used to change camera settings, update the firmware, live view, and review video clips.

Overall, the setup of the Viofo A139 is not hard at all, and the app works fine. The app could use some design changes and updates, but it works fine.



The Viofo A139 has a 2K front camera, with both rear cameras being 1080p. The system boots up very fast; I’d say within 5-seconds of starting the car, the system says it is recording.

The footage is good, and of course, weather conditions and lighting will play a factor in how the picture looks. You can add more contrast and other minor picture tweaks in settings.

That being said, I don’t see a major difference in quality between the 2K front camera and the 1080p rear cameras. The differences are subtle and slight, and I would have liked to have seen the front camera using a 4K sensor instead.

That doesn’t mean these cameras are bad, they are actually really good but could be better.

The units seem to hold up fine in scorching conditions as well. The 3M tape seems to hold strong even on days where it was over 100 degrees.

Overall, the Viofo A139 performed very well with no issues at all. I do wish the front camera had a 4K sensor instead of 2K.


Priced at US$269.99, this system is on the pricer side, but you are also getting 3-cameras. I’m sure there are competitors out there, and I haven’t researched them. I do feel that the Viofo A139 does offer excellent value and features for the price here.

Wrap Up

I mean, there are a ton of dashcams on the market, literally. Just browsing through Amazon looking at them can be daunting. We haven’t done many dashcam reviews here, but I can at least say that the Viofo A139 works really well and does exactly what it says it does. It’s up to you to figure out if it’s worth the price or not; shop around and check out other reviews of other cams to make that determination.

Last Updated on July 15, 2021.

Viofo A139




Ease of Use


Setup and App






Nailed it

  • Having 3 cameras is amazingly useful
  • Easy to use
  • Good resolutions
  • Performed very well
  • Price is fair for 3 different cameras

Needs work

  • If you're intending on hiding wires, install will take a bit of time.
  • Power plug has no USB-A or USB-C expansion ports
Viofo A139 Techaeris FI

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