[Rumor] Apple’s 2021 MacBook Pro may discard the beloved Touch Bar

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The beloved Touch Bar was introduced on the fourth-generation MacBook Pro to rave and glowing reviews. The people rejoiced as Apple, in all its wisdom, once again gave the people not what they wanted but what they knew people needed.

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If you haven’t detected the gross amounts of sarcasm in my words yet, then I apologize. It is, after all, a little difficult to convey sarcasm on the internet. The Touch Bar certainly ignited a flurry of reaction from many when introduced, and much of that reaction was negative.

But in typical fashion, Apple ignored tech reviewers and their own customers and has continued to use the Touch Bar since 2016. Apple is never one to admit a mistake or take the blame. They ignore everyone and allow time to pass and public opinion to settle down.

Well, the saltiness of the Touch Bar must have worn off as new reports say that Apple will discard the Touch Bar on its 2021 MacBook Pros. Here’s what Digital Trends had to say about the reports being circulated on the internet:

Touch Bar
Did you hear! They’re getting rid of the Touch Bar!

The DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants) analysis report said the following about the future of the controversial feature: “Touch Bars continue to be the No. 3 application with an 18% unit share and 1.2% revenue share in Q1’21. We expect Touch Bars to be exceeded by tablets when Apple starts the adoption of the 10.9-inch AMOLED iPad. Further, our sources suggest that Apple may cancel the Touch Bar in the future.”

Sources such as Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg, too, attested the claim. Apparently, the Touch Bar will be completely removed and replaced by a row of physical function keys. The 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro that was released last year in the fall did leverage the Touch Bar. The company introduced the feature in 2016. However, it wasn’t ever received well. People liked the feel of having physical keys to press. They also found it much more convenient to press on functions without having to look down. It has been five years since the feature was unveiled, and it appears Apple has finally listened to the complaints.

Digital Trends

While some have probably appreciated the inclusion of the Bar, I’m fairly certain those who hate it outnumber those who like it. Just don’t expect Apple to come out and say we were wrong.

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Last Updated on July 9, 2021.

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