Someone paid US$1.56 million for an unopened Super Mario 64 game cartridge


Super Mario 64, released in 1996, was a popular game for the Nintendo 64, and apparently, it’s still pretty popular. At least for one buyer who shelled out US$1.56 million on a copy that was graded a 9.8/10 (or A++). The grading was done by the video game grading company WataGames. This purchase makes this video game the most expensive in the world.

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Super Mario 64 was the first title to showcase these Nintendo characters in 3D, and it was the best-selling game on the Nintendo 64 console system. The party who purchased the game has not been identified, and we may never actually know that.

A copy of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda was sold earlier in the week for US$870K and held the record for the most expensive game sold for a few days when Mario shattered that.

Valarie McLeckie, Heritage’s video game specialist, said in a statement that the auction house was shocked to see a game sell for more than $1 million so shortly after the record-setting auction of the Zelda game.

The sale also underscores the degree to which the market for collectibles has exploded during the pandemic.

The New York Post
Super Mario 64
This is what $1.56 million dollars looks like.

It will be interesting to see how long Super Mario 64 holds out as the most expensive video game in the world. I’m sure it will be dethroned at some point in the future, so long as there are surviving copies of games people want.

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