The future of smartphones doesn’t include a charging brick

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If we’re honest with ourselves, the smartphone really isn’t that old. It’s one of the fastest developing technologies we’ve ever had. The future of the smartphone isn’t always straightforward, and predicting new technologies can be hit or miss. But one thing is becoming apparent, and that’s the death of the charging brick in the box.

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Apple caught hell for not including a charging brick with last year’s iPhones, but they’re not the only ones. Samsung is also not including a charging brick with the new Fold devices, and we’re getting word that Google will follow suit with the Pixel 6.

Why are the big 3 not including a charging brick? Some say it’s an attempt to save money, giving the big 3 more profit. The companies have a different story, and that’s reducing e-waste. Companies assume that most people have a charging brick lying around from their previous phones.

Not to mention that most of these phones are now sporting wireless charging. While wireless charging is still not as fast as many Fast Charge or Quick Charge options, it has improved. Apple and Samsung are also reducing the packaging of their phones. The 12 series had very slim packing, and Samsung’s Fold series also has slim and minimal packing.

Pixel 6 will not have a charging brick
The Pixel 6 will not include a charger.

I think this is a two-fold strategy for smartphone makers. There are cost savings involved in not providing a brick and reducing the amount of packing as well. They might deny that’s their motivation, but money is always a motivator, and they’re lying if they say otherwise. It may seem like pennies to us, but pennies can quickly turn into millions of dollars to Apple, Samsung, and Google.

The second reason also makes sense. Most of us do have multiple charging bricks lying around the house. Reusing the old brick makes sense. I have no issue with this at all. I also have multiple wireless charging pads that I can use. But not everyone saves these things, or maybe some are first-time smartphone buyers. In that case, there are multiple charging brick options on Amazon.

Perhaps a good solution is to offer the option of including a charging brick with your order free of charge if you actually need one. If you don’t, then you choose the option without it. I doubt that’s going to happen, and I think more smartphone makers will follow suit. Even the mid-range and budget phones may start stripping the charging brick out of the packaging.

Now that the Pixel 6 is confirmed not to have a charger in the box, we’re pretty certain that the future of smartphones doesn’t include a charging brick.

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