Rumor claims Samsung Galaxy Note22 may still be coming next year


The Samsung Galaxy Note is a legendary smartphone that became a favorite among many users. I was one of those users. I remember purchasing the first Galaxy Note and the ridicule and odd looks that came with it. Back then, no one thought a smartphone with such a large screen was ever going to be accepted. But they were wrong.

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It wasn’t long after those other smartphone makers started chasing the Galaxy Note and increasing their own screen sizes. Even the mighty Apple iPhone succumbed to the “bigger is better” equation. These days, it’s not uncommon at all to see screens much larger than the original Note in a smaller footprint.

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But the future of the Galaxy Note has been called into question. After all, the Note21 was canceled this year, and Samsung has concentrated on its Galaxy Z series. This has prompted many to say that the Note series is dead and Samsung is pushing the Z folding devices as the future of smartphones.

But Galaxy Note lovers aren’t giving up just yet. A new rumor from, of course, a leaker says that someone in the Samsung supply chain has seen evidence of the existence of the next-generation Note22.

This rumor should, of course, be taken for exactly what it is, a rumor. But we find it odd that Samsung canceled the Note21 so abruptly and can’t help but wonder if the plan was to give the Z series the spotlight this year to get buyers interested in the mainstream idea of a foldable device.

It will be interesting to find out if the Note22 is actually going to be a reality. It will be equally interesting to find out how well the Z Flip3 5G and Z Fold 3 5G do this year and how well they do against a possible Galaxy Note in 2022.

Given the chip shortages everyone is experiencing right now, the smartphone landscape for next year is still uncertain. Rumors are that the upcoming iPhone 13 series will likely be in short supply due to shortages, but we shall see. Stay tuned for our Apple Event coverage on Tuesday.

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Last Updated on September 12, 2021.


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