Jooki is a screen-free kid’s music and story player


Screen addiction is a real thing. I know, as an adult, I need to consciously remind myself to put my screens down and gather myself back into reality. Many parents have noticed this about themselves and have made an effort to change this with their kids. Jooki is a screen-free kid’s music and story player that entertains your child without a screen.

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Giving a child an iPad or iPhone to keep them calm and quiet isn’t anything new; we’ve all done it. But Jooki gives you that same experience without the worry of your kids being enveloped by onscreen content. Check out the short video below that provides a bit more information about Jooki.

The new Jooki speaker is a wireless screen-free music/audiobook player with Spotify connection. Featuring Jooki’s patented NFC-enabled ToyTouch® Technology, Jooki lets kids operate the speaker independently using figurines or tokens as a remote control that triggers playlists that parents preset with a few clicks on the Jooki app.

Guided by Montessori education principles, the award-winning Jooki player connects through Wi-Fi for music and audiobook streaming and Bluetooth for wireless headset listening, helping parents empower their children to develop creativity, independence, and emotional awareness through the child’s own access to a wide range of pre-selected songs, music, and stories. Faster, lighter, and better, Jooki Generation 2 is magic at a kid’s fingertips!

  • Wireless screen-free portable music and story speaker made for kids.
  • ToyTouch® Technology: playlists start when a colorful RFID-enabled figurine or token is placed on Jooki.
  • Plays Spotify content and local MP3 audio files.
  • Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Bluetooth connection to wireless headsets
  • Volume limited to protect kids’ hearing.
  • Easy control knobs for kids to switch tracks, adjust volume, and turn Jooki on and off.
  • The app let parents easily associate Spotify playlists with tokens and figurines.
  • USB-C charging with built-in battery for 8 hours of playtime.
  • Lighter, faster, and better than the first generation of Jooki.
  • Ages 3 and up.

This kids toy is priced at US$112.99 and includes the speaker, 2 tokens with playlists pre-programmed, and a charging cable. Additional packs of 6 colorful tokens and 5 popular figurines are also available. Check out the company’s website for more.

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