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We are just getting into October 2021, which means new content is on its way to Crackle. Crackle is a free ad-supported streaming service available on various devices, from Smart TVs to smartphones. What are you doing this month? It’s time to see what’s happening in October 2021.

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Our Lights, Camera, Crackle series continues for October 2021 as we take a look at what you can stream for free on this very fantastic service. As a reminder, Plex users can now access the Crackle library through their Plex service alongside some of Plex’s incredible offerings.

New Crackle AVOD Exclusive in October 2021

Vince Carter: Legacy  (Premiering October 1st)

This all-access documentary honors eight-time NBA All-Star and Olympic gold medalist, Vince Carter while exploring the complex emotions of his farewell season. See the transformation of the NBA’s longest career athlete who was first known for highlight-reel dunks and now leaves behind a legacy, unlike any other player who came before him. Features interviews with Julius Erving, Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Dominique Wilkins, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson.

The Green Wave  (Premiering October 21st)

When Summerville High’s basketball coach, a dedicated local firefighter, dies in a catastrophic blaze, his players struggle to process their grief while keeping the team intact. In this incredible true story, follow Coach Mulkey’s team as they fight to win the state trophy for their fallen hero.

New Crackle AVOD Exclusives in October


On a romantic getaway to Iceland, a young American couple (Maika Monroe, Matt O’Leary) wakes up one morning to discover every person on earth has disappeared. Their struggle to survive and to reconcile the mysterious event leads them to reconsider everything they know about themselves and the world.

Cold Light of Day

Bruce Willis, Sigourney Weaver, and Henry Cavill star in this pulse-pounding thriller about a man who’s plunged into an intergovernmental web of lies and secrets after his family is kidnapped. To get his family back alive, he must evade deadly secret agents and recover a mysterious briefcase.

Hurricane Season

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, high school basketball coach Al Collins (Forest Whitaker) assembles students from five different Louisiana schools and leads them all the way to the state championships.

Z for Zachariah

In the wake of a nuclear war, a young woman (Margot Robbie) survives on her own, fearing she may actually be the last woman on earth. Soon, she discovers a distraught scientist (Chiwetel Ejiofor) nearly mad from radiation exposure and his desperate search for others and they form a fragile, imperative strand of trust. But when a stranger (Chris Pine) enters the valley, their precarious bond begins to unravel.

More Than a Game

Coached by a charismatic but inexperienced player’s father, and led by future NBA superstar LeBron James, the “Fab Five’s” improbable seven-year journey leads them from a decrepit inner-city gym to the doorstep of a national high school championship. Along the way, the close-knit team is repeatedly tested—both on and off the court—as James’ exploding worldwide celebrity threatens to destroy everything they’ve set out to achieve together.


A naïve young man (Sam Riley) assumes a dead man’s identity in order to join an underground game of Russian roulette. He finds himself embroiled in an underworld labyrinth of power, violence, and luck. The stakes are high, but the payout is more than he can resist. Also starring Jason Statham, 50 Cent, and Mickey Rourke.

New Channels Coming to Crackle in October

FALL-ing In Love

Crackle October 2021

The Crackle team is your ultimate wingman as they have your back again this month with a playlist to fall in love with. Get all your feels for free with titles like Serendipity (John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale), Amelie (Audrey Tautou), Get Over It! (Kirsten Dunst), and 2 Days in New York (Chris Rock, Julie Delpy)

Free Throws, Free Shows

Crackle October 2021 HOOOOOPS

Let Crackle make EVERY day game day as you hit the court with titles like Hoop Dreams (William Gates), More Than A Game (LeBron James, Dru Joyce, Romeo Travis), the Crackle original series PROMISELAND (Ja Morant), and Sunset Park (Terrence Howard, Fredro Starr).

Race Against Time


Only you can solve the mystery and save the world from certain destruction. Battle for the future of your own planet with titles like Synchronicity (Brianne Davis), The Triangle (Sam Neill, Eric Stoltz, Catherine Bell), Final Days of Planet Earth (Daryl Hannah), and Robin Cook’s: Invasion (Luke Perry, Kim Cattrall).

Oh So Seventies

the 70s

A decade known for loud clothing and louder disco music was also a time for some of the best series in TV history! Let Crackle help you relive these entertainment classics with series like The Partridge Family (Shirley Jones, David Cassidy), Charlie’s Angels (Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith), the Bewitched spin-off Tabitha (Lisa Hartman), and the action-packed S.W.A.T. (Robert Urich).

31 Nights of Fright


Be afraid. Be VERY afraid as the Crackle team fills every day this month with the most frightful of fears with classic tales like the Crackle original feature The Clearing, Survival of the Dead (Kathleen Munroe), Prom Night (Jamie Lee Curtis), and the 1958 drive-in classic, The Blob.

Crackle Spotlight Titles in October


In a future mind-controlling game, death row convicts are forced to battle in a ‘Doom’-type environment. Convict Kable (Gerard Butler), controlled by Simon (Logan Lerman), a skilled teenage gamer, must survive thirty sessions in order to be set free.

Paddington (Premiering October 15th)

A young Peruvian bear travels to London in search of a home. Finding himself lost and alone at Paddington Station, he meets the kindly Brown family, who offer him a temporary haven.

The Chosen (Premiering October 1st)

A charismatic fisherman struggling with debt. A troubled woman wrestling with demons. A gifted accountant ostracized from his family and people. In this ground-breaking first season of The Chosen see how Jesus reaches each of these and more as He works His first miracles and embarks on His ministry to change the world. See Him through the eyes of those who knew Him. Catch every emotional episode on the Faith. Hope. Family.

Spy Kids

Using high tech gadgets, two kids (Daryl Sabara, Alexa PenaVega) have to save their reactivated OSS top spy parents (Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino) when they’re taken by an evil, high tech enemy.


The Wild West adventures of Ben Cartwright (Lorne Greene) and his sons (Michael Landon, Dan Blocker, Pernell Roberts) as they run and defend their Nevada ranch while helping the surrounding community.

On Golden Pond

Norman (Henry Fonda) is a curmudgeon with an estranged relationship with his daughter Chelsea (Jane Fonda). At Golden Pond, he and his wife (Katharine Hepburn) nevertheless agree to care for Billy, the son of Chelsea’s new boyfriend (Dabney Coleman), and a most unexpected relationship blooms.

Additional New Movies in October

  • 1776
  • 13 Ghosts
  • A Fire In The Sky (1978)
  • A Single Shot
  • Adam Had Four Sons
  • Alcatraz Prison Escape (Premiering October 21st)
  • Ambush At Tomahawk Gap
  • Anzio (1968)
  • Area Q (Premiering October 21st)
  • Around the World in 80 Days
  • Attack of the Giant Leeches
  • Bad As I Wanna Be
  • Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
  • Behold A Pale Horse
  • Black Dawn (Premiering October 21st)
  • Blood Brothers
  • Boogeyman 2
  • Boogeyman 3
  • Brian’s Song (2001)
  • Cameron’s Closet
  • Child of God
  • Christmas On Division Street
  • Copper Mountain (Premiering October 21st)
  • Cover Story (Premiering October 21st)
  • Creature from the Haunted Sea
  • Cyberzone
  • Day Of The Dead
  • Day of the Dead 2 Contagium
  • Dead Reckoning (1947)
  • Dirty
  • Doing Hard Time
  • Don’t Raise The Bridge, Lower The River
  • Double Cross (Premiering October 21st)
  • Down To Earth
  • Ernest’s Greatest Hits – Volume 1
  • Ernest’s Greatest Hits – Volume 2
  • Expecting Mary (Premiering October 21st)
  • Experiment In Terror
  • Faith Of My Fathers
  • Forbidden Border
  • Free Style (Premiering October 21st)
  • G (2005)
  • Gidget’s Summer Reunion
  • Gloves of Stone (Premiering October 21st)
  • Gravy
  • Half Nelson
  • Happy Birthday To Me
  • Hard Water
  • Hart To Hart: Secrets Of The Hart
  • Hart To Hart: Two Harts In Three-Quarter Time
  • Heaven Is A Playground
  • Hellcats Of The Navy
  • Hero
  • Hit!
  • Holiday (1938)
  • Hunt For Eagle One
  • Hunt For Eagle One: Crash Point
  • Ike: Countdown To D-Day
  • In Search of Francis of Assisi (Premiering October 21st)
  • In The French Style
  • Inside Moves
  • Into The Sun
  • Isle of Dogs (Premiering October 21st)
  • Ivanhoe
  • Jarrett
  • Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise
  • Jesse Stone: Night Passage
  • Jesse Stone: No Remorse
  • Jesse Stone: Sea Change
  • Jesse Stone: Thin Ice
  • Jungle Boy (Premiering October 21st)
  • Jurassic Predator: Xtinction (Premiering October 21st)
  • Kill Your Friends
  • Lake Placid: The Final Chapter
  • Last Chance Café (Premiering October 21st)
  • Like Sunday, Like Rain (Premiering October 21st)
  • Lost Wilderness (Premiering October 21st)
  • Magic In The Water
  • Messengers 2: The Scarecrow
  • Michael Kohlhaas
  • Mikey (Premiering October 21st)
  • Mine
  • Miracle in the Woods (Premiering October 21st)
  • Most Dangerous Game
  • Nemesis 2: Nebula (Premiering October 21st)
  • Nemesis 3: Prey Harder (Premiering October 21st)
  • On Strike For Christmas
  • Once Upon A Spy
  • Only With Married Men
  • Over 21
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Presumed Dead (Premiering October 21st)
  • Pumpkinhead IV: Blood Feud
  • Rec (2007)
  • Return to the Lost World
  • Reunion At Fairborough
  • Sabotage (Premiering October 21st)
  • Sahara (1995)
  • Savages
  • Sex Killer (Premiering October 21st)
  • She’s Out Of Control
  • Showdown (Premiering October 21st)
  • Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow
  • Stardust (1975)
  • That’s Life! (1986)
  • The 5th Musketeer
  • The Adventures of Acela (Premiering October 21st)
  • The Adventures of Chris Fable (Premiering October 21st)
  • The Coming (Premiering October 21st)
  • The Deported (Premiering October 21st)
  • The Devil Inside
  • The Houston Story
  • The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (1982)
  • The Incredible Journey Of Dr. Meg Laurel
  • The Last Hurrah (1977)
  • The List (Premiering October 21st)
  • The Lost World
  • The Lying Machine (Premiering October 21st)
  • The Notorious Landlady
  • The Quest Pilot (1976)
  • The Return Of The Vampire
  • The Revenge Of Frankenstein
  • The Room (Premiering October 21st)
  • The Secret Identity of Jack the Ripper
  • The Sex Symbol
  • The Terror
  • The Two Faces Of Dr. Jekyll
  • The Wasp Woman
  • The Whole Truth (Premiering October 21st)
  • These Final Hours
  • This is the Day (Premiering October 21st)
  • Ticket Out (Premiering October 21st)
  • Torture Garden
  • Twin Falls Idaho
  • Virtuosity
  • Welcome to the Neighborhood (2003)
  • When Justice Fails (Premiering October 21st)

Additional New T.V. Shows in October

  • Adventures of the Seaspray (Season 1, 22 episodes)
  • Adventures of the Seaspray (Season 1, 9 episodes)
  • Barney Miller (Season 4, 23 episodes)
  • Barney Miller (Season 5, 24 episodes)
  • Beautiful People (Season 1, 16 episodes)
  • Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (Season 1, 8 episodes)
  • Bonanza (Season 1, 8 episodes)
  • Bonanza (Season 2, 12 episodes)
  • Breaking In (Season 2, 13 episodes)
  • Camp Runamuck (Season 1, 26 episodes)
  • Charlie’s Angels (Season 3, 4 episodes)
  • Crazy Like a Fox (1984) (Season 1, 22 episodes)
  • Demons (Season 1, 6 episodes)
  • Extreme Ghostbusters (Season 1, 27 episodes)
  • Fish (Barney Miller spin-off) (Season 1, 22 episodes)
  • Fresh Meat (Season 1, 8 episodes)
  • Fresh Meat (Season 2, 8 episodes)
  • Fresh Meat (Season 3, 8 episodes)
  • Fresh Meat (Season 4, 6 episodes)
  • Grown Ups (Season 1, 21 episodes)
  • Guys Like Us (Season 1, 13 episodes)
  • It’s Your Move (Season 1, 6 episodes)
  • Kidnapped (Season 1, 13 episodes)
  • Living Dolls (Season 1, 12 episodes)
  • Melba (Season 1, 4 episodes)
  • Men In Black: The Series (Season 3, 15 episodes)
  • Men In Black: The Series (Season 4, 13 episodes)
  • Mr. Merlin (Season 1, 22 episodes)
  • Occasional Wife (Season 1, 29 episodes)
  • Soap (Season 1, 28 episodes)
  • S.W.A.T. (Season 1, 13 episodes)
  • S.W.A.T. (Season 2, 23 episodes)
  • That Girl (Season 1, 30 episodes)
  • That Girl (Season 2, 30 episodes)
  • That’s My Mama (Season 1, 11 episodes)
  • That’s My Mama (Season 2, 11 episodes)
  • The Beverly Hillbillies (Season 1, 36 episodes)
  • The Chosen (Season 1, 8 episodes)
  • The Ellen Show (Season 1, 18 episodes)
  • The Lone Ranger (Season 5, 22 episodes)
  • The Lucy Show (Season 5, 12 episodes)
  • The Lucy Show (Season 6, 8 episodes)
  • The Powers That Be (Season 1, 13 episodes)The Tick (Season 1, 9 episodes)

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