Man swallows cellphone waits six months before getting medical attention


The last time we checked, a cellphone wasn’t made of edible material. There are zero usable calories in downing an electronic device for lunch. But for some bizarre reason, an Egyptian man decided his cellphone was on the menu.

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From the news stories we’ve read, there has been no reason given as to why this man decided that his cellphone looked like a good option for a meal. But what we do know is that the man waited six months before seeking medical attention.

We’re not entirely sure just how true this story is, as other outlets have reported a similar story claiming the cellphone had been in the stomach for three months. These additional reports were also filed in July 2021 and say that the man swallowed the phone on a dare.

The man had not been identified, but doctors removed the phone, and luckily the battery had not released any of its corrosive acids. There are photos of the phone on MetroUK, which also reported a similar cellphone swallowing incident in Kosovo in September of this year.

We’ve not seen any mainstream US outlets reporting this story, so it could very well be nothing more than internet shenanigans. The provided photos for the Egyptian incident look suspect, and the Kosovo incident photos look more realistic. So, for now, we’re a bit suspect of this one, but it could very well be true.

Either way, your weekend lesson is…don’t eat your damn phone! Now pass the chips and dip and enjoy your weekend.

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021.

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