[CES 2022] Samsung announces the Galaxy Tab A8


The pre-CES 2022 announcements continue with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A8. The company says the new Galaxy Tab A8 delivers more screen, power, and performance than its predecessor. This new tablet is aimed at those seeking entertainment and hybrid learning, so it’s perfect for students.

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Galaxy Tab A8 Features

  • A 10.5-inch screen with slim bezel with a 16:10 common aspect ratio and quad-speaker with Dolby Atmos for an immersive viewing experience
  • A 7,040mAh battery with up to 15W fast-charging so that users can stream for hours on end, without worrying about losing power
  • An 8MP rear camera and 5MP front facing camera and added Screen Recorder feature so that everyone from gamers to teachers can easily record clear, detailed videos
  • The option of 3GB or 4GB of RAM, and 32GB, 64GB or — new to Galaxy Tab A8 — 128GB of storage

“In a world where remote working and learning has become the norm, tablets have become an
indispensable device for so many,” said Matthew Leem, Vice President of Global Brand Marketing
Group, MX (Mobile eXperience) Business at Samsung Electronics. “They’re the perfect tool for getting
more out of our online activities both at home and on the go. We know people are increasingly turning
to tablets for video calls, online classrooms, gaming and streaming, so we equipped the Galaxy Tab A8
with brilliant new features to help you connect on a new level.”

The Galaxy Tab A8 experience begins with Samsung’s signature tablet design and feel, beloved by users
of the Tab S series. Its lightweight form boasts an expanded 10.5-inch screen with a remarkably slim
bezel and a 16:10 common aspect ratio. The result is an 80 percent screen to body ratio, which enables
a much more immersive viewing experience than past tablet models. Whether users are streaming a
favorite show, gaming with friends or catching up with family on video calls, the Galaxy Tab A8’s quadspeaker
with Dolby Atmos® provides a rich soundscape with unparalleled detail, depth and realism.

Beyond its incredible display, Galaxy Tab A8 packs even more power and performance into Samsung’s
Tab A series experience. The Galaxy Tab A8’s CPU and GPU have each been increased by 10%3 to deliver faster, smoother performance without frustrating lagging. Plus, the Galaxy Tab A8 offers several tiers of storage options, so users can pick the one that’s right for them. Choose from 32GB, 64GB or — new to Galaxy Tab A8 — 128GB of storage. Take advantage of the expandable microSD card feature to get up to 1TB of space.4 The Galaxy Tab A8 is also now offered with 3GB or 4GB of RAM.5 A 7,040mAh6 battery with up to 15W7 fast-charging means that users can stream for hours on end, without worrying about losing power.

[CES 2022] Samsung announces the Galaxy Tab A8

The Tab A8 will be available in Gray, Silver, and new Pink Gold in Europe beginning late December and will be available in other regions, including the U.S., in January 2022. Pricing was not announced.

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