[CES 2022] Engineered Arts will unveil new humanoid robot Ameca at CES


CES has always been about showing off new technology and innovation. While it’s nice to see new consumer products coming down the pipe, it’s equally exciting to see the latest innovations in cutting-edge tech. One area technology is rapidly advancing is robotics and AI. UK-based Engineered Arts are bringing Ameca to CES 2022.

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Ameca is a humanoid robot that features ground-breaking advancements in movement and natural gestures, intelligent interaction, and a future-proof software system designed to embrace artificial intelligence and computer vision with adaptive learning—giving users an API customization pathway never before available. Check out the video below to see Ameca in action.

“A humanoid robot will always instil an image of what the future may hold. Ameca represents a perfect platform to explore how our machines can live with, collaborate, and enrich our lives in tomorrow’s sustainable communities,” said Morgan Roe, Director of Operations at Engineered Arts. “Ameca integrates both AI with AB (artificial body) for advanced, iterative technologies that deliver superior motion and gestures, all housed in a human form and robotic visage for a non-threatening, gender-neutral integration into an inclusive society,” added Roe. 

The Engineered Arts team can create any robot figure in as little as four months. All Engineered Arts AmecaMesmer series and RoboThespian robot creations are available for ownership or through an integrated end-to-end rental program for special limited engagements and showcases across the world. To learn more about the humanoid robots from Engineered Arts visit: https://www.engineeredarts.co.uk/

Engineered Arts

What do you think of Ameca and Engineered Arts? Are you ready for humanoid robots living among us? Please share your thoughts on any of the social media pages listed below. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.


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