[CES 2022] Nextbase iQ is a dash cam with smart tricks up its sleeve


When dash cams were first introduced, not many people bought them. They could sometimes be costly and occasionally unreliable for the cost. But these days, dash cam prices and reliability have come to a point that you can find a dash cam in many cars. The Nextbase iQ is a new kind of dash cam, and the company believes it is raising the bar on driver safety.

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Designed to fast-track next-generation connected-car technology, the Nextbase iQ transforms the driver experience, making any vehicle smarter, safer, and more secure. Leveraging the latest AI-powered technology and offering real-time access from anywhere at any time through the iQ app, Nextbase is transcending the dash cam category with the introduction of this new cam.

“There is nothing on the market that rises to the level of Nextbase iQ,” said Richard Browning, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for Nextbase. “Over two years and from the ground up, we have re-imagined what a dash cam can be and created the world’s first true Smart Dash Cam, utilizing AI-technology and Cloud-connectivity to give drivers a complete sense of safety and security. Never before has there been a smart connected-car product that offers so much benefit in one package. We have bettered our already best-in-class dash cam functionality and added never-before-seen technology to support drivers, whether they are on the road or away from their vehicle.”

Fully integrated into Nextbase iQ is the world’s best 4K, three-camera video technology, able to record outside and inside the vehicle with real-time global access and alerts. The Nextbase iQ has a completely new product design, informed by extensive research and development to capture the best image quality and vehicle security views in the industry.

And, in response to increasing on-road incidents (e.g., road rage, traffic stops) and driver anxiety, Nextbase iQ offers Witness Mode, a voice-activated, instant-on recording feature that automatically saves to the cloud and shares with an emergency contact or other designated third party (e.g., spouse, parent) in real-time, ensuring you never face a stressful situation on the road alone.


Features of the Nextbase iQ

NXT Tech

Many patent-pending technologies have been incorporated into Nextbase iQ for the sole purpose of protecting drivers, passengers, and their vehicles with AI-powered, Cloud-connected Nextbase NXT Tech.

  • Real-time access anytime, anywhere
  • Spatial Awareness Technology – custom-designed, application-specific, artificial intelligence to anticipate and record incidents both while in, and away from, one’s vehicle
  • Fast and reliable cloud connection with NXT Dual Link Wi-Fi and 4G
  • Ultra-high-accuracy GPS satellite positioning for fast and convenient vehicle tracking

Driver Assist

The world’s best hands-free dash cam functionality takes a leap forward with Nextbase iQ.

  • World’s only connected 4K, tri-cam IR video system, delivering up to 4k front and 1440p in rear and cabin views, day or night
  • Witness Mode offers immediate, voice-activated handsfree recording, real-time cloud upload and sharing, to provide safe and secure video evidence for when drivers feel most vulnerable
  • Live View provides drivers with real-time direct access to the onboard camera system from anywhere in the world
  • Native Voice Control system allows fast, intuitive and precise driver commands, safely enabling various features while hands remain on the wheel and eyes remain on the road
  • Valet Mode – Allows the setting of a number of triggers to alert the device owner to certain conditions when the vehicle is not in their possession, such as when being valet parked, at the workshop, or loaned to another driver such as a child or colleague.
Nextbase iQ Techaeris CES 2022

Driver Safety

Smart, connected, and proactive technology that brings a true home security perspective when on the road.

  • NXT Video through Nextbase’s award-winning low-light video system to precisely capture license plates, street signs and all other critical details in the event of an incident inside or outside the vehicle
  • Roadwatch AI provides real-time monitoring of other vehicles’ speeds and trajectories
  • Emergency SOS (ESOS) – Pioneered on the Series 2 Dash Cam range, Nextbase is the only dash cam brand that automatically alerts Emergency Services with location and other critical details following a serious accident
  • Driver Aware (DMS) features smart driver monitoring system to combat distracted and/or drowsy driving
  • The Vehicle Aware (ADAS) system, an advanced driver assistance system, monitors the road and cars in front, warning drivers of vehicle and pedestrian danger utilizing Nextbase Spatial Awareness Technology

Vehicle Security

  • Via the Nextbase iQ app, Nextbase iQ provides drivers with real-time alerts and access to video when away from their vehicle
  • Real-time tracking with a built-in ultra-accurate GPS location beacon and synchronized real-time video
  • Smart Sense Parking powered by AI-enabled Nextbase Spatial Awareness Technology, captures critical moments before and after an incident, tunable to adjust to circumstances to maximize security and minimize inconvenience. The intelligent monitoring system keeps an eye on surroundings, including vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, allowing drivers to obtain real-time alerts to observe and act.
  • Through the Nextbase iQ app, drivers can receive incident notifications, instantly when away from the vehicle, including still snapshot visualization

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