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There are many marketing tools that you can use to personalize your client’s experience with your company. One latest option that can be utilized in every part of your business is a prepared video. Whether it is to educate your customer or to tell them thank you, this clip can make the end-user feel valuable to you and give them a clear understanding of what you are attempting to say. Here are a few ways where smart video can improve your customer service. 

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Teach them how to get started

When your customer purchases an item from you, especially if it may be complicated to install and set up, you can send them a video giving them detailed instructions on how to do it. This can be either by email, a link to a website on the paperwork provided with the product, or on your customer experience platform. Be sure to put aside time to produce the best quality film as possible. Recruit well-spoken, knowledgeable associates to demonstrate what to do. Review the final piece to ensure that the end-user can understand it and that it represents your company as caring and helpful. While this may be a challenging process to put together if you have a large inventory, it will be worth it when you retain the business of many satisfied customers. 

Show appreciation for them

Every customer wants to feel appreciated for being a product from your company. While a simple thank you from your salesperson will typically suffice, you can construct a brief video message that says the same thing. This allows them to read and understand the sincerity in your facial features as they watch it. That simple gesture can mean a great deal to them. As you film this, remember to add important details like who they should call when they have a problem or any facts that they should be aware of about the product. Keep your message brief yet heartfelt. Attach it to a follow-up email that you can send after the item is bought and taken home. Showing your customers gratitude can retain them as frequent buyers for a long time.

Instruct them how to use your new technology

There may be more than your products that your customers need assistance understanding. If you developed and released a new shopping site or app for your business, your clients might need instructions to operate the new technology. As you introduce it, supply a clip that explains what each section and button is used for. Explain what their benefit is and how they can be helpful for the end-user. This can be added at launch or embedded to your website for consumers to find when they require it. This allows for a better experience for those who buy from you and the chance of increased sales when they fully comprehend how it works. 

Showcase your new products and services

Online stores have a challenge releasing new products on the market and having customers understand their value. A video introducing it to your clients will help you explain what it does and why they should invest in it. You can start from its inception when it was a sketch on the designer’s board. Then, you can show the process that it took in manufacturing. Be sure to set aside time to demonstrate how it operates and why it would be a good fit for a consumer’s home. Be as detailed as possible when it comes to its attributes.

You can also produce a full showcase of clips when several new items become available or an entire program that encompasses them all. 

Use live videos to answer their questions

However, there may be problems that need a more direct solution. You can offer a video chat service during your business hours where clients can request to meet a representative over the screen. Train your staff who will perform this task on how to interact with a client through this option. They must be patient and courteous as they speak to the customer. Along with the inflection in their voice, the person on the other end will be able to detect any facial features as your staff member speaks to them. Having them online and able to see you means they can also see how you solve their issue and what they can do in the future.

video chat smart video woman laptop outside
You can offer a video chat service during your business hours where clients can request to meet a representative over the screen.

Provide ongoing classes to improve their skills

You have already made a video to explain how to operate the item that was purchased by your consumer. However, there are products on the market that can utilize further films to demonstrate additional tricks that could be done on it. There are appliances, such as sewing machines, that have so many options that a clip can be released once a week with a new skill or project that can be done with it.

You can also make how-to visual manuals on how to maintain what has been bought from you, such as changing the oil in a generator. You can then post these segments on your website or a video service under your brand name. This can be used as a marketing tool to assist your current clientele as well as new customers who are searching for answers to their questions.

Set up a set of frequently used questions to provide better service

There will be moments when a consumer has a question during your off hours. This is an opportune time to record a video that addresses your frequently asked questions. Reach out to your customer service department and ask what queries they most often get. Organize them into a list to address in a clip. Surround yourself with a variety of your products to use as you answer these inquiries. This would be a good time to surround yourselves with experts on these items who can also address any concerns. Demonstrate the answer on the actual piece of equipment as you explain the solution to the problem. Customers refer to this tool repeatedly as they learn more about what they bought.

Reach out for frequent follow-ups by video

Once your customer is established with their product, send out notes by email following up with new techniques, accessories, and upgrades that may be released on the market. You can record these and embed them on the message to make understanding it easier. Most platforms make compiling this sort of message simple to do. As you film it, be sure that you demonstrate your concern and care for the individual. You can perform the task on the clip that you use or refer them to a link on your website that has the full feature.

You can also inform them once again that they are appreciated by you and that you hope they will continue to do business with you in the future. This gratitude will lead them back to buy from you again. As you explore the marketing options available to you, keep smart videos at the top of your list of concepts to explore. Customers can be quickly engaged by these and enjoy watching your reactions as you talk about your products. From providing instructions to letting them know that you care, this unique tool is a must use when you want to bring traffic to your door. 

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Last Updated on May 9, 2022.


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