Clive Davis installed Samsung’s 146″ 4K The Wall in his home theater

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Samsung’s The Wall 4K modular TV is something special, of that there is no question. I have had several opportunities of seeing it in person at various industry events. But it’s also not a cheap piece of tech; not many of us can afford the cost. But the price is no issue for the legendary Clive Davis.

Clive Davis is a celebrated record producer credited with launching some of the biggest names in music, such as Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen, Janis Joplin, and more. So when Clive Davis wants to modernize his home theater, what better company to hit up than Samsung?

Once a standard home theater with an outdated projector, Davis worked with Samsung to modernize the room, which they equipped with a 4K The Wall display. I will have you know that Samsung has not offered a Wall for review, and they probably won’t, LOL. But I digress.

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Clive Davis and friend-min
Clive Davis

Clive Davis was impressed with the new setup and said, “I use it every weekend. The results are spectacular, with high definition, clarity, and tremendous advantages over the system that was here before. On nights when I have a big party, people crowd in, and I’ve had as many as 80 people in the theater. It is special.”

“Prior to the transformation, Davis’ home was equipped with an antiquated home theater projection system that was not working properly, was consistently unreliable and extremely slow to start up,” said Wollleben. “Several actions had to be performed for the projector screen to come down, which took nearly 20 minutes before Davis could start watching a movie.” The image quality also suffered from the lack of true deep blacks and vivid color. Short, high-contrast images reflected on the screen when light entered the room, making it difficult to live up to today’s standards.

Samsung sent out a film crew to document the installation of The Wall in Davis’s home theater. Check out that video below. You can read more about the installation and challenges on Samsung’s website.

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Last Updated on October 1, 2022.


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