The TCL NXTWEAR S Glasses can now be ordered on Kickstarter


In June 2021, we reported on TCL bringing the NXTWEAR G glasses to MWC; now, the TCL NXTWEAR S Glasses have landed on Kickstarter. The TCL NXTWEAR S looks to be the evolution of this line from TCL. Smart glasses have been attempted in the past; Google Glass, anyone? While Google abandoned the idea, some companies, like TCL, are continuing the efforts.

Here is what TCL has to say about the TCL NXTWEAR S glasses. “TCL NXTWEAR S upgrades on TCL NXTWAR Air, with features that untether users from fixed screens. The smart wearable glasses offer an expansive viewing environment, equivalent to watching a 140-inch screen four meters away, with dual 1080p Micro OLED displays that provide a private, high-quality screening space. TCL NXTWEAR S transforms mundane tasks while enhancing leisure activities for gamers and streamers anywhere, anytime.”

“The immersive sound and display deliver cinema-level clarity. Audio is adjusted to optimize high and low frequency to produce crisp, unimpeded, stable sound, while the speaker array is redistributed closer to the ear to improve volume. The impeccably sharp FHD image comes with a 47 pixels-per-degree (PPD) and DCI-P3, producing 90%+ coverage. Combined, the high-quality experience turns an ordinary commute into an epic ride.”

“NXTWEAR S ships with a myopia frame for near-sighted users, which can be fitted with corrective lenses to match users’ individual style and needs. In addition, users can accessorize with two exchangeable lenses. And the bridge over the nose features a cambered surface which is soft to make prolonged wear more comfortable.”

The TCL NXTWEAR S Glasses can now be ordered on Kickstarter

“The intuitive controls are positioned to make it easy to operate. Volume is adjusted via a wheel on the left temple, while the right temple dial controls brightness and 2D/3D mode switch. The magnetic pogo-pin connector, positioned to the rear of the right temple, easily connects to smart devices, games consoles, and computers. TCL NXTWEAR S is compatible with over 100 Android and Windows devices with a USB-C port. iOS devices are compatible with an adapter.”

It is a bit odd that a large company like TCL would be using Kickstarter, but it’s not unusual. You can check out their campaign on Kickstarter to get more details.

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