The Cradlewise Smart Bassinet is the crib for tech-centric parents


Tech has made much of our life simpler and more convenient, and Cradlewise wants that to extend to your parenting routine. The Cradlewise Smart Bassinet isn’t a new product, though this is the first I’ve heard of it; the device has been around for a bit and now has some new features parents may enjoy.

The latest feature to be added is a room temperature monitoring option that joins the 3D built-in baby monitor that senses when the baby is about to wake and automatically responds with a gentle bouncing motion. The company says they designed the crib for babies up to 24 months. Over time, the cradle learns and adapts to each child’s unique sleep patterns, forecasting sleep and wake-up times. And by bundling a smart bassinet, crib, Wi-Fi video monitor, sleep insights, and sound machine in one.

Here’s a bit of what the company’s press release had to say.

The Cradlewise Smart Bassinet is the crib for tech-centric parents

“Cradlewise is launching a new feature during Safe Sleep and SIDS Awareness Month this October: room temperature monitoring, which is displayed on the home screen of the Cradlewise app. The new feature leverages Cradlewise’s built-in baby monitor that detects early wake-up signs and will be delivered as an over-the-air update to all existing users. And, with temperatures starting to fall, the new feature makes it easy for parents to quickly confirm their baby’s room temperature is perfect from anywhere, whether they’re watching Netflix down the hall or getting work done on a business trip.”

“Room temperature plays a crucial role in both sleep quality for infants and safety, since overheated babies (from over bundling) are at risk for SIDS,” shared Dr. Anoop Rao, MD. “The ideal temperature for babies is generally between 68℉ to 72℉, although it may vary slightly from baby to baby. Room temperature monitors, like the one integrated into Cradlewise, give parents another helpful data point to help make more informed decisions about their baby’s needs, like whether they need to use lighter-weight pajamas or a sleep sack to help their child get a better night’s rest.”

The Cradlewise Smart Bassinet isn’t going to come cheap, though; the price is US$1,999, including the crib, Wi-Fi video monitor, sleep tracker, and sound machine. The company does offer some savings through its Plan Your Purchase planner.

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