[CES 2023] LG will be unveiling new high-performance OLED gaming displays at CES


LG Display announced today that it will unveil its 45-inch ultra-wide OLED and 27-inch OLED displays optimized for gaming in January at CES 2023. Through these “cutting-edge products” and gaming displays, the company aims to strengthen its leadership in the high-end gaming market.

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LG Display’s new OLED displays boast a fast response time of 0.03ms, making them the first-ever OLED displays for monitors to provide a refresh rate of 240Hz per second, which permits the clearest picture quality and smoothest movements, even during unbelievably fast-paced action. The company’s gaming OLED displays take advantage of OLED’s self-emissive pixels to deliver immersive gaming experiences courtesy of rich, vibrant, and crisp images on top of their high performance.

LG Display’s gaming OLED displays also minimize external light reflections by applying a special polarizer designed for gaming. This allows the display to achieve perfect black under any environment, adding depth to the image quality and delivering an accurate color depiction. What’s more, the revolutionary gaming OLED displays bend up to 800R, or a curvature radius of 800mm, allowing gamers to experience the optimal curve for every genre of content.

In addition, the company’s gaming OLED panels emit the lowest level of blue light in the industry compared to premium LCD displays of the same size. This allows gamers to enjoy flicker-free gaming experiences with less eye fatigue.

LG Display will start mass production of the 27- and 45-inch gaming OLED displays this month. The products are set to be used in premium monitors for several global tech companies, including LG Electronics, Asus, and Corsair.

“LG Display’s gaming OLED is the ultimate display solution for gamers in terms of picture quality, response times, and eye comfort,” said Tai-jong Lee, Head of Solution Customer experience Division 2 at LG Display.  “We will continue to expand our gaming OLED panel lineup based on the needs of gamers across multiple genres to take the customer experience we provide to new heights.”

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