Former Apple engineers claim the company is still working to remove Google from iPhone

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Steve Jobs left behind a lot of successes at Apple, the iPod, iPhone, and iPad all come to mind. Jobs passed away in 2011, but his memory lives on, and apparently, so do some of his grudges and dislikes. It’s no secret that Jobs disliked what Google did with Android. In fact, he considered it a stolen operating system and vowed to destroy it.

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Given that Google was, at that time, and still is, the most successful and used search engine in the world, Jobs had little choice but to continue working with them. Fast forward to 2023, and Google can still be found on the iPhone and iPad, and it seems Apple and Google are working well together. But maybe things aren’t as nice as we see them from the outside.

According to Apple Insider, via The Financial Times, two former Apple engineers say the company still holds a “grudge” against Google and is engaged in a “silent war” with the Alphabet-owned company. According to The Financial Times, the launch of Apple Maps was the first shot fired. It was created because Google refused to give the same functionality to its iOS app as it gave to the Android version. Apple’s version started off very shaky and nearly unusable, but they have improved it over the years.

The Times says that Google may be facing competition from Apple in Search and Ads as the company works on these verticals as well. I guess only time will tell, and the only information these former engineers gave was there is a grudge and a silent war being fought. Take that for what it’s worth, as it could be false.

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