[UPDATED] Sealed first-generation iPhone up for auction is expected to fetch big dollars

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2007 was a huge year for Apple’s future. It was the introduction of the iPhone, and as we all know, the iPhone changed the course of cellular phones for good. Fast forward to 2023, and the flagship fruit phone is the 14 Pro. The latest 14 Pro Max will set you back over $1,000, while the first-generation 8GB version went for $599.

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UPDATE: This auction has closed, with the first-generation iPhone selling for $63,356.

But that low $599 price is no more. A sealed first-generation 8GB iPhone just came up for auction and is expected to fetch in the high five figures, with some estimating it to go to $50,000. As of this article, the current bid is $2,750, with two bidders and 16 days left in the auction. You can find the auction on LCG Auctions here.

Watching tech items go up for auction is always interesting, especially things like this first-generation iPhone, which is relatively useless in 2023. I’m sure the bidders bidding on this are more interested in having a piece of tech history than anything, but it’s still amazing that something like this can fetch such a high price. This particular iPhone showed up for auction on Doctor & The Diva, and you can watch the segment below.

It will be interesting to see if this first-generation iPhone from 2007, still sealed in the box, can reach that predicted $50,000 mark. The one up for auction is the higher spec’ed version, as another version with 4GB which sold for $499.

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