Google TV now has more than 800 free TV channels

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, streaming services were considered affordable and a great way to cut the cord from cable. But over the past few years, streaming services seem to cost us more than ever and nearly as much as cable when combined. But there have been some signs of relief, such as Samsung TV Plus and now Google TV.

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Google TV has announced that it will now offer over 800 free TV channels on its platform. Of course, being free doesn’t mean you won’t see ads; that is how Google will pay for this. But it is nice to have an option in streaming that won’t cost you an out-of-pocket expense.

Services like Samsung TV Plus and now Google TV offer local news channels, popular TV shows, and movies. One thing of note is that these services are usually a lot like cable; you have access to 800 channels, but you’ll likely only ever watch a small handful. Not to mention that services like this usually provide predominantly older content, but that’s not all bad, considering that much of today’s new content is unwatchable. But I digress.

Here’s what Google’s press release had to say about the new Google TV offering.

Google TV now has more than 800 free TV channels

Starting today, we’re integrating access to free channels from Tubi, Plex, and Haystack News directly into the Live tab, alongside the existing lineup of channels from Pluto TV. We’re also launching free built-in channels from Google TV that you can watch without downloading or launching an app. You can now browse over 800 channels and premium programming, including NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX news channels. You can also tune in to channels worldwide, with programming in more than ten languages, including Spanish, Hindi, and Japanese.


Google’s new TV guide brings all your new free TV channels together and organizes them for easier and faster browsing. This new addition should be a welcomed feature for users of the service.

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