Brave Search now uses its own index, jettison’s Bing indexing


Brave Search has made a significant move to complete independence this week by finally jettisoning Bing indexing. Brave browser has been around for some time now, and the company has been hard at work developing its own search engine, Brave Search. Find out more about the differences between search engines and browsers here.

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Brave Search is the company’s attempt to offer a viable option to Google and Bing for users to search the internet. But it has taken some time, and some of Brave’s search results came from Bing indexing. Brave Search launched in 2021 and relied on about 13% of third-party indexing. That changed to around 7% over the next year or so, and now the company is 100% on its own. Here are some of the key points the company made in its press release:

brave browser add shortcut on iOS-min Brave Search now uses its own index, jettison's Bing indexing
  • The rapid adoption of Brave Search (it’s now averaging about 22 million queries per day) made it the fastest-growing search engine since Bing.

    Broad adoption of the Web Discovery Project (which allows users to contribute browsing data to grow the Brave Search index anonymously) meant results had the nuance and completeness needed to compete on both privacy and quality.
  • Together, these achievements allowed us to accelerate this milestone of 100% independence.
  • But there was also another consideration: uncertainty over the future of the Bing API, which grew after the Microsoft and OpenAI partnership. We feared for the continuity of the Bing service, which turned out to be a prescient concern, as Microsoft recently announced an unprecedented increase in API pricing. This created undue pressure for search engines that rely partly or fully on the Bing Search API. The consequences of their reliance on Bing will play out in the following months when their long-term contracts expire.
  • Thankfully (and unlike other search alternatives), Brave had an independent index and a built-in delivery mechanism (the Brave browser) to continue improving the Brave Search index.

More info on this Brave milestone can be found on the company’s website here.

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