[Report] Apple is looking to release a more affordable Vision Pro


Apple’s Vision Pro has been out for just over four months and has mixed reviews. Granted, the $3500 spatial computer is, what I believe, more suited for business applications than your average consumer such as yourself. Of course, on top of the currently limited amount of supported applications, the $3500 price tag doesn’t help.

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An article from The Information claims that Apple has canceled its next-gen high-end Vision Pro. Instead, the company is opting for a cheaper model, codename N109, with a targeted release date of late 2025. The report notes that Apple will retain the high-res displays in the cheaper model but could remove some high-end features like EyeSight or have fewer cameras. As far as pricing goes, The Information is reporting the more affordable Vision Pro will be closer in price to the iPhone Pro models, so somewhere between the $1500 and $2500 price range.

What could this mean for the current Vision Pro or future Pro 2? Well, with the current model out and having a high price tag and a few other drawbacks, shipments for the headset have been on the lower side. The plus side of this is that Apple is releasing the Vision Pro internationally at the end of the month. On the other hand, this allows Apple to work on enhancing its next-gen spatial computer.

While I have not tried Apple’s Vision Pro, I do think the technology looks cool. Would I even need one, even if a more affordable model comes out? Probably not.

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