Solos AirGo3 Smart Glasses announce live search functionality


It seems like Google Glass came a little before the time it should have, as smart glasses are the new in thing these days. Though, admittedly, the way smart glasses are being used today, does differ from what Google was trying to do some years ago. But I digress.

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The new Solos AirGo3 smart glasses have a new live search functionality to them. The new live search feature is integrated with the existing SolosChat application with Solos smart glasses — simplifying the process to searching the internet for information and accessing AI anytime without picking up the phone.

Live search using SolosChat is powered by Solos proprietary software and integrated with third-party services, such as ChatGPT. The system also incorporates context memory, enabling deeper inquiries without repeating earlier questions. Here’s what the press release had to say about the new function on these smart glasses.

For example, asking “When is the next Boston Celtics game?” will deliver an up-to-date answer. Users can ask various follow-up queries as part of a conversation, such as: “How much does a ticket to the game cost?” and “Who is favored to win?”.

When shopping either online or live in the store, comparing different products, pricing, and retailers is easier than ever before. Asking “What are the best solutions for a home vacuum?” will elicit several responses which can be expanded upon, for example, “which ones have the best reviews?” or “what is the current pricing for those options online?” allowing consumers to make the most informed purchasing decisions.

Solos AirGo3 Smart Glasses announce live search functionality

“When we developed AirGo3, we wanted to build a fundamentally new mobile platform that changes how we interact with technology in our daily lives,” says Kenneth Fan, Solo’s co-founder. “By adding live search to smart glasses, we’re allowing people to have the power of an AI assistant and search engine instantly available anytime with just a natural voice interface. Our open and modular technology architecture enables Solos to integrate the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and software services.”

Since its release in September, AirGo3 has continued to expand in its functionality and practicality, releasing features like SolosTranslate, enabling efficient and inclusive communication to transform business, travel, and tourism. This new addition of live search further solidifies Solos’ commitment to providing the best wearable technology on-the-go, allowing travelers to get real-time flight updates, restaurant recommendations, weather changes, or directions in an unfamiliar place. Users now have an instantly available, interactive AI tour guide to learn about a new culture and place for a truly immersive travel experience.

The Over the Air (OTA) update is available for all current users now.

Pricing and Availability: AirGo3 Smart Glasses are available in three different styles—Argon ($249-$299), Xeon ($199), and Helium ($199)—for sports, the sun, or daily wear, and offered in various colors on Solos’ website.

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