Solos AirGo Vision adds a camera to its frame


Smart glasses just do not seem to want to go away. There is a resurgence of these devices thanks to LLMs and new technology. The Solos AirGo Vision is the latest and these glasses integrate a camera and ChatGPT-4o for visual processing.

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The new glasses aim to provide consumers both choice and privacy. With the ability to swap out frames, users can choose when and where they want to use the front camera frames, otherwise maintaining all smart functionality aside from the camera. The only smart glasses with a unique open architecture, AirGo also allows for integration with Anthropic Claude and Google Gemini, making wearable AI accessible to users of all mobile platforms. Here’s what the press release had to say.

“Our in-house software team has built the AirGo Vision to harness the power of the best AI models available today,” says Kenneth Fan, co-founder of Solos. “We also recently integrated live search to enhance the existing AI capabilities and believe we’re offering consumers a truly comprehensive wearable AI platform unlike anything else on the market.”

Solos AirGo Vision adds a camera to its frame

AirGo Vision with AI provides real-time information based on visual input, recognizing people and objects (“what am I looking at?”), or navigating and narrating directions or landmarks (“give me directions to the Eiffel Tower”). Leaning into hands-free operation and convenience, users can also capture photos without using their hands, especially convenient for visual progress and next steps on activities like cooking, home improvement projects, education and studies, and even shopping (“What am I looking at and how much does it cost? Is there a better price somewhere else?”). The AI can also summarize those activities for enhanced organization and assistance. Being the most power-efficient smart glasses built for all-day use, AirGo Vision enables consistent capturing of images, content, and AI interactions.

Building on the visual cues, the AirGo Vision will also include LED notifications on the frame, bringing digital information into the field of view for all-day smart glasses. The new frames allow users to receive incoming notifications anytime without checking their phone, and decide how to be notified based on environment or lifestyle. For example, the discreet flash will alert the wearer without disturbing others with sound or vibration in quiet locations like a library or meeting room. In noisy environments where a notification might not be heard, like a busy street or public transportation, the LED light will visually alert users of incoming calls or important emails. This visual cue is also an essential accessibility feature for those who may be hard of hearing.

“We understand there are different ways people want or need to receive information, and are committed to enhancing and customizing the AirGo experience, so wearable AI is accessible to all,” says Kenny Cheung, Solos GM and President. “This latest upgrade provides a solution that is intuitive, inclusive, and easy to use. Visual processing is a unique element that enhances our existing AI software like SolosChat Online and SolosTranslate to make life both easier and more productive.”

AirGo Vision will be available for purchase later this year. Solos will release LED-only frames in July in three different styles, available to purchase on for $249.99.

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