Enbrighten Eternity Lights review: Celebrate all the holidays with one set of lights

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The Enbrighten Eternity Lights are part of a new wave of LED lighting that is hitting the market. This new wave of LED lighting aims to give you a break by making lighting that is both useable year around and easy to install. There are other companies who have made these types of LED permeant outdoor lighting, and the Enbrighten Eternity Lights are the second set I’ve had the pleasure to review. The allure of these lights is their versatility of color and the fact you can leave them up all year around.

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The relative ease of installation is also a factor for those looking at buying these lights. While there are professional installers for traditional lighting, those installers cost a pretty penny. The Enbrighten Eternity Lights can be installed by two people, and the installation is pretty basic. Let’s jump into the full review of the Eternity Lights.

The Quick Take

Enbrighten Eternity Lights looks

The new Enbrighten Eternity Lights are similar to many other brands on the market. These lights are fairly easy to install, very bright, look really nice once installed, can’t be seen from the street during the day, and are a time saver if you hate installing and uninstalling traditional holiday lights.

The only major beef I have with the Enbrighten Eternity Lights is the app. The app works, and you can get most of what you need using it. But I wish it were more robust in terms of presets. There aren’t nearly as many presets as other brands on the market. So that means, if you don’t find something you like, you will need to manually set the colors.

But overall, these are really an enjoyable set of lights that will save you time over the years and you never have to take them down. I hope the company can do a little more development with the app and give users a more broad choice of presets and other tweaks within the app.


The Enbrighten Eternity Lights (100 ft (ca. 30 m) version) have the following features and specifications:

Enbrighten Eternity Lights review: Celebrate all the holidays with one set of lights
Color‎White or Black
Style‎Eternity Lights
Room Type‎Patio
Specific Uses For Product‎Under eave, soffit, porch, patio, outdoor lighting, holiday lighting
Indoor/Outdoor Usage‎Outdoor, Indoor
Power Source‎Corded Electric
Special Feature‎Outdoor Rated, Easy Installation, Wi-Fi Enabled, Cuttable, Linkable
Control Method‎App, Voice
Light Source Type‎LED
Number of Light Sources‎72
Voltage‎120 Volts
Theme‎Easter, Christmas, Holiday, Every day, Halloween
Light Color‎White, Multicolor
Included Components‎Mounting Brackets/3M Tape/Cord Clips/Screws, (1) 10ft (ca. 3 m) Extension Cable, (6) 16.5ft (ca. 5 m) Light Strands, Power Supply
Lighting Method‎LED
Number of Items‎1
Wattage‎122 watts
Controller Type‎App Control, Amazon Alexa, Voice Control, Google Home
Unit Count‎100.0 Foot
Water Resistance Level‎Waterproof
Connectivity Protocol‎Wi-Fi
Brightness‎33 Lumen
Mounting Type‎Wall Mount
Shade Color‎Multicolor
Manufacturer‎Jasco Products Company
UPC‎030878827300 030878811057
Model Name‎Eternity Lights
Part Number‎82730
Item Weight‎7.98 pounds
Package Dimensions‎15.24 × 9.21 × 5.98 inches
Country of Origin‎Thailand
Item model number‎82730
Size‎100ft (ca. 30 m)
Item Package Quantity‎1
Number Of Pieces‎9
Special Features‎Outdoor Rated, Easy Installation, Wi-Fi Enabled, Cuttable, Linkable
Batteries Required?‎No
Warranty Description‎Limited lifetime.
  • Brand Enbrighten
  • Color White
  • Cord Length 100
  • UPC 030878811033
  • Warranty Limited Lifetime
  • Home Automation Type Outdoor, Wi-Fi
  • Lighting Meets Lifestyle —These Permanent outdoor exterior lights feature RGBWIC LEDs to provide dedicated adjustable white light to perfectly match your home’s exterior lighting and the full spectrum of true, rich colors
  • All-in-One Kit — Six 16.5ft (ca. 5 m). White strands, 72 total LEDs, patent-pending mounting brackets with 3M VHB tape, cord clips, screws, power supply and 10ft (ca. 3 m). Extension cable are included to enjoy straight out of the box.
  • Smart App — Pair to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi through the Enbrighten app to accentuate your home with millions of color combinations, modes and effects plus schedules, automations and individual LED control create unique outdoor holiday décor or accent lighting
  • Lifetime DIY Installation — Simply snap the lights into the mounting brackets, which secure permanently with screws as well as high-quality tape, and link, flex or cut strands to create the layout of your dreams; 200ft (ca. 61 m). Maximum length.
  • Ultimate Permanent Lights — These premium LEDs are created to last; the entire system meets ETL and NEC requirements for outdoor lighting, and its all-weather rating with -4°F to 131°F operating temperature ensures year-round enjoyment
  • 50% of net profits from Enbrighten purchases go to causes providing aid to those in need

What’s In The Box

Enbrighten Eternity Lights review: Celebrate all the holidays with one set of lights
  • Enbrighten Eternity Lights
  • Power Supply
  • Extension Cable
  • Various Cable Clips
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Hardware
  • Manuals and Documentation


Enbrighten Eternity Lights review: Celebrate all the holidays with one set of lights

When I first saw the press release on the Enbrighten Eternity Lights, my first thought was, these will be the same as another brand I reviewed.

Well, I was half correct. The light strands are very similar to other brands, but the light capsules themselves are round, and the installation mounts are different as well. While they are close to being the same as other brands, they are different enough.

Each light is weather-sealed and comes with strong 3M adhesives on the back. The wire between the pucks is also weather-sealed, and there is a good amount of distance between them. You could install these close to each other or pulled all the way out.

The control box is supposed to be weatherproof as well and is pretty heavy duty. It only has one button, which acts as the power on/off and for cycling through some presets.

The overall design is straightforward and hardly complicated. Our review units came in the 100-foot length, which gave us three strands in each box. We had two boxes, giving us 200 feet (ca. 61 m) of reach. There are smaller options if this is too long for your use case. The 200-foot length was enough to cover the entire front of our house (garage included) and wrap a little around the back.


Enbrighten Eternity Lights 2
Enbrighten Eternity Lights at 70%

Having installed lights like the Enbrighten Eternity Lights before, I knew I was in for a few hours of work. I was actually in for more work than previous brands. Why? Well, because these lights not only come with a mounting bracket that sticks with 3M tape, they also have screws for additional security. Now, this is actually VERY WELCOMED.

The other lights, which I removed, had some issues of some brackets falling down. Because they were only held by 3M. The screws that are included with these lights are a massive improvement, I think these will stay up very well with double secure points.

It’s essential to start your first strand near an outlet. You can use an extension cord, but in my case, I did not need to. Once you have unpacked the Enbrighten Eternity Lights, plug them all in and make sure they work. Better to know now than later when they are installed.

Place your control box somewhere accessible and near the outlet. Make sure the end of your first strand can reach the power supply. Which should be easy as they give you a good amount of cord to reach nearly anywhere.

When you’re ready, you peel off the 3M backings and start placing the mounting brackets into place. You can then use the screws to secure them even better into place. The screw hole is in the middle and you may find that drilling a pilot hole into the mounting surface may help you.

Like other lights of this nature, install them 2 inches (ca. 5 cm) to 4 inches (ca. 10 cm) away from the wall for best performance. I installed mine under my eaves about 2 inches (ca. 5 cm) from the wall/siding. Doing it this way produced the same effect as you see in the pictures on Enbrighten’s site. You are free to install them however you wish, but installing them as instructed, will produce the best-looking results.

There are also wire clips included, if you feel the need to secure the wire in between the lights for a cleaner look or simply to reinforce the installation.

Overall, the installation process is straightforward and easily one of the most straightforward outdoor light installations I have done. However, it will take some time, so be prepared to spend an afternoon or more depending on how big of an area you have and how many lights you’re installing.


eternity lights

The Enbrighten Eternity Lights app has several functions and features to it which will enhance your experience. But I did find that I was wanting for more with this app, particularly with the presets and user interface.

The app works, and it updates the lights, but it just does not have the number of presets that other apps have and while I can make my own light preset, sometimes it’s nice to have several dozen presets to choose from. You just do not get as robust a choice in presets as you do with other apps. Here’s what you can do with the app.

  • Wi-Fi control (nice to have instead of only Bluetooth, since Bluetooth range is limited).
  • Some presets, not as many as I would like.
  • Total control over each light, mix, match and make up your own color display.
  • Change white color from 2,200K to 6,000K
  • Brightness control.
  • Schedules
  • Firmware updates for the Enbrighten Eternity Lights
  • Smart connected to Alexa, Apple, and Google. If you want to use voice control.

Overall, the app is just OK. It gets the job done but I think Enbrighten could make it a lot better by offering more presets for different holidays. The interface is a bit dated as well. It could be more polished and feels a bit rushed to me. It works fine for setting up your own scenes and colors, but other apps have twice as many features and I’d love to see an update before Christmas.


I’ve had the Enbrighten Eternity Lights installed for a few weeks, and they have gone through several rain and thunderstorms, high winds, and HOT temperatures.

They have held up very well. They are also VERY bright! I have turned the brightness level down to 30%, and they are great at that level. I believe these are brighter than the last brand I reviewed.

We have had zero issues with performance, and as of now, the durability seems good. I may do a follow-up next year and update this review if anything changes. But I do think, with the extra screw mounting option, these are going to hold up better than the other brand.

I have these lights on a timer from dusk until dawn, which helps to illuminate our exterior overnight. I keep them at 5,500K and at 30% brightness. For the 4th of July, I used the Enbrighten preset for the 4th and the neighbors loved the red, white, and blue theme. I also turned them up to 70% and they are freaking bright!

Overall, there’s nothing unexpected here. These lights seem to be doing well so far, and their biggest asset is the extra mounting screw that is keeping them secured. I can’t really say much about energy usage though, I don’t have a way to honestly measure how much I use with these on.


Like every other brand of LED outdoor lights designed this way, the Enbrighten Eternity Lights are not super cheap. They’re not super expensive, either. But I think the value is there because these are a permanent solution. Once you install them, they should last for a long time and you never have to install lights again. They do have a limited lifetime warranty, so you might look into that as well. Worth it in my book.

You might wait until Prime Day this month, there may be deals to be had! More on Amazon here.

Wrap Up

There are some pros and cons to the Enbrighten Eternity Lights. I really love these lights over the other brands due to their extra mounting option that keeps them in place better. The app is the only thing I think could be improved and needs improving. But this can be easily done with an app update, if the company wants to make those changes. Overall, these are really nice lights and worth the cost.

Enbrighten Eternity Lights

From $159.99











Nailed it

  • IP67 lights and IP65 control box
  • Seem to be well built and should perform well in wet weather
  • 200 foot linkable, better than other brands
  • Better mounting system with screws
  • Bright and lots of optioins for color being RGBWIC
  • Pricey but worth the expense if you don't want to putz with lights again for a long time

Needs work

  • The app could use more presets and a better interface
  • Installation is not hard but involved, some may not want to go through that
  • These are pricey, which may turn some users off

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Last Updated on July 11, 2024.


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