SUPER73-S Adventure review: Outstanding fun and outstanding bike

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OK, I have done only a few electric bike reviews on Techaeris and overall, I like electric bikes. But the SUPER73-S Adventure is a different beast. Before it arrived, I thought, this will be just another typical electric bike but with fat tires. In some ways, it is typical, but what is not typical is the amount of fun the SUPER73-S Adventure was to ride. This bike brought so much enjoyment to not only me, but to my kids as well and I almost want to tell the company that they cannot have it back.

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The other bikes I have reviewed, well, those were primarily intended for basic transportation. That’s not a bad thing at all, people need and want that, perfect! The SUPER73-S Adventure can provide basic transportation, just like any other electric bike. But it can also do more fun things, like go off-road and give you more fun than you can shake a stick at. Let’s jump right into the full review of the SUPER73-S Adventure.

The Quick Take

So, as I mentioned, I have tested and reviewed several electric bikes, but none like the SUPER73-S Adventure. This quick take will be short and sweet. I love this bike! It is absolute and total fun on and off-road. Here’s my short list on why you should buy this and maybe why you shouldn’t.

  • Buy it because:
    • It’s fun to ride on the road
    • It’s comfortable to ride with a good supportive seat
    • The suspension is great
    • The tires are outstanding for most off-road fun
    • It has a decent 20mph (ca. 32 km/h) top speed
    • The battery has a decent lifespan, if you don’t go nuts
    • It appears to be able to handle rough handling
  • Don’t buy it because:
    • It is expensive
    • The fat tires aren’t great on gravel roads at high speeds, take care

Overall, I loved this bike. It’s an unfortunate thing that it had to go back and I wish I had the funds to buy one of my own. Whoever ends up buying this, is going to have a fun time for sure.


The SUPER73-S Adventure has the following features and specifications:

  • Top Speed | Classes 1/2 20+MPH* Class 3/Off-Road: 28+ MPH* | View Speed Chart
  • Range | 40–75 miles (40+ miles of range at 20mph (ca. 32 km/h) under Class-2 throttle-only operation; 75+ miles of range using Class-1 pedal assist mode)
  • Charge Time | 6-7 hrs
  • Battery | 960Wh (48V 20Ah) UL2271 Compliant
  • Motor | 750w nominal | View Motor Power Chart
  • Throttle | Thumb Throttle
  • Gearing & Rear Derailleur | 8 speed
  • Vehicle Weight | 80 lbs
  • Length x Width x Height | 69.5″x 28.5″ x 43.5″
  • Rider Weight Limit | 325 lbs
  • Seat Height | 31″
  • Frame | Aluminum
  • Suspension (if applicable) | Front Only / Rear Rigid
  • Brakes | Hydraulic
  • Tires | GRZLY / 4.5″ Front / 5″ Rear
  • Inner Tubes | 20″ x 4.5/5″
  • Headlight | LED
  • Tail Light | LED
  • Horn | Yes

What’s In The Box

  • SUPER73-S Adventure
  • Assembly tools
  • Assembly instructions
  • Power Supply
  • Manuals and Documentation


SUPER73-S Adventure review: Outstanding fun and outstanding bike

OK. So the SUPER73-S Adventure is just an outstanding looking bike. I understand it’s not for everyone, but I really love the way this thing looks. What I love is, this is well-designed for a good commute, but also made to handle some off-road fun. And that it does!

There’s not a ton to say about the looks, you can watch the videos and look at the pictures and gauge that perfectly well. I mean, it’s a bike. It has great handlebars, excellent disc brakes, grippy pedals, fenders, a frame, big knobby tires, some gears, and a battery.

Now, the seat on the SUPER73-S Adventure is a different story. Good Lord, man, this thing is insanely comfortable. At first, the length of the seat had me confused. But now I get it. There is so much real estate there for different riding positions, it is really amazingly comfortable.

Add the front gas shocks and the knobby tires into the mix and the ride, on flat pavement, is so nice. It’s truly the most comfy electric bike I’ve used. The handlebars can be adjusted to fit your riding position, and I had no issues with them.

SUPER73 S Adventure Key Components

The throttle position is perfect, and all controls are within reach, including the brake levers. The SUPER73-S Adventure has an 8-speed gearing and that control is on the left handlebar and was easy to use. The speedometer and battery indicator are on the side as well and it is nice and bright.

Putting the bike together was as simple as putting on the handlebars and pedals. Everything is wired up already, so it was a breeze. Although, it is freaking heavy, so be sure to unpack with a buddy.

Overall, the design and comfort of the SUPER73-S Adventure is one of its best features. I know I am fawning all over this bike, but it truly is spectacular.


SUPER73-S Adventure review: Outstanding fun and outstanding bike

The app is pretty robust and has numerous features, many I didn’t even test. You can plan rides, see the charge, turn on the headlight, and see maps of your rides. It’s very much like the Map My Ride app, well similar anyway.

We didn’t use the app all that much, to be honest. It seems like it’s a good addition for those who like metrics and analytics to view. It does connect via Bluetooth, so you have to have your smartphone nearby. If I suggested something, I would suggest an onboard module that could connect to the app later and sync up the data. This would be better for those who don’t want to bring their smartphones. Though, the small trip computer it has may already do that. I honestly did not check. I will update this portion if SUPER73 tells me something different.

Overall, the app is fine. It’s going to give you data nerds the things you want, probably not enough for the hardcore data nerds, but for most. It is enough.


SUPER73-S Adventure review: Outstanding fun and outstanding bike

Battery life will vary on what speed you’re using and how much pedaling you do. We used this bike on numerous hills and most of the time on its highest settings. Pedaling was only done going up hills and we used the electric motor for a lot of the flat riding. We were recharging the bike once a day, but this is hours of use with it. My kids rode the crap out of this bike, since we had to send it back, they took as much time as they could.

So battery life is going to vary by your use case. On flat terrain, you should get the advertised battery life. On hills and places where you make the electric motor work for its pay, you’ll see less battery. It really is subjective but I believe you should get at least what the manufacturer advertises with moderate and conservative use/settings.

Range | 40–75 miles (40+ miles of range at 20mph (ca. 32 km/h) under Class-2 throttle-only operation; 75+ miles of range using Class-1 pedal assist mode).

Performance on the SUPER73-S Adventure, to me, is off the chart. I’m really bullish on this bike because of the fun it provides off-road. I mean, on flat pavement and for commutes, it’s just a bike. It does its job and moves you from point A to point B. It does that really well and very comfortably.

But off-road. Holy fun! I will say this, before I get even more gushy, it doesn’t do super great on loose gravel. These tires are going to get squirrly when you hit loose gravel, so take care there. You can ride on loose gravel, but I would advise against any urges to give it a lot of throttle or movement.

Where I found the SUPER73-S Adventure to excel was on grass, dirt, hills, and other areas we have all over our neighborhood. It is insanely fun to take it for spins other bikes just can’t go. I wouldn’t say it’s the same experience as a mountain bike, it’s different because the tires are so much bigger. But it is a load of fun either way.

Overall, the performance of this bike is on another level. I know, maybe that’s a lot of my excitement talking, and some of you may not even like this aspect as much as I did. That’s OK. I really loved going off-road and doing different things with it that other electric bikes just couldn’t do.


SUPER73-S Adventure review: Outstanding fun and outstanding bike

Prices for the SUPER73-S Adventure start at $3,595 and can go up if you add accessories. I am not going to deny that this is expensive. I am also not going to lie that the value here will be VERY subjective. Some people might find tons of value, while others will choke on that price. So, it is my opinion, that the value is here, only if you’re looking for a massively fun electric bike that you can use for transportation and a boatload of fun.

Wrap Up

I don’t often get giddy or extremely excited about most reviews, but the SUPER73-S Adventure was just about the most fun I’ve had on a review. This bike isn’t for everyone, yes it is expensive and it’s big. But dammit, it is freaking fun and if you have the cash to buy one. I highly recommend it.

SUPER73-S Adventure










Nailed it

  • Cool looking design
  • Off road capable and rugged
  • Comfortable to ride with plenty of power
  • Easy to assemble and tools are included
  • Overall great hardware, brakes, gears, all of the things
  • Great battery life and performance
  • App is useful and has plenty of features

Needs work

  • Headlight seems like it can only be turned on and off from the app, unless I missed a button.
  • It is very expensive and some might not like that
  • The fat tires can get squirrly on gravel

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Last Updated on July 12, 2024.


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