Maxthon Cloud Browser For Windows Phone Is Here


Maxthon Browser has been around Android for awhile now and today they announced the release of their Windows Phone version. Maxthon for Windows Phone offers the same out of box experience, high performance and faster speeds that have come to be expected of all Maxthon products, including design and usability enhancements that make browsing on a Windows smartphone easier and faster.

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Google Launches, Google Media Tools

media tools1

The New York Times used Google+ Hangouts to interview U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry about Syria’s chemical weapons. The Weather Channel used Google Earth to illustrate the damage of Superstorm Sandy through dramatic before and after satellite images and live YouTube video. And Svenska Dagbladet used the Google Maps API and crowdsourced information from readers to plot disparities in neighborhood mortgage rates, generating a meaningful debate in Sweden.

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Nikon’s D5300 Is Here With Built In Wi-Fi


Nikon is one of the premiere DSLR makers in the world and they have finally released their D5300 with built in Wi-Fi allowing you to share your pictures on the go through email and social media. Check out the hands on video from our friends over at What Digital Camera. 

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Kids And Smartphones, How Do We Monitor Them?


As a parent of a teenage daughter I know all to well how long and how much use her iPhone gets. While I would love for her not to be tapping away at her phone every second of the day, I also know that most of the responsibility and blame rests squarely on me. If I had not given her that phone she would not be nose deep in it 24/7. So how do I police her activity?

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thingCHARGER The Charger You Need For ALL Your Things


thingCHARGER has announced the launch of its new charging solution for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. This device is the first universal wire-less wall charging unit and lets you charge one or multiple things at once, from any standard outlet, free of messy charging wires.

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