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One of the hardest things when starting a new tech blog is getting review units to review for you, our readers. Fortunately for us, Lenovo was among the first to give us a chance and as a result we’ve been able to review quite a few Lenovo products for you. Another hurdle for us here at Techaeris — and we’ve mentioned it more than a couple times in the past — is finding funds to go to events like the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) without overloading our website with ads. Through our relationship with Lenovo, they’ve also offered to partially sponsor our trip to CES 2016 this year. As part of our partnership, we will have early access to Lenovo news from CES 2016 and this page will serve as a central hub for news and video as it comes in. Our readers who enjoy products from other vendors as well need not worry, as we’ll have you covered with a variety other products as they are unveiled at CES this year as well.

[UPDATE: 01/08/2016] It’s official! Google and Lenovo have announced they are teaming up for Project Tango.

Google Chooses Lenovo To Make Project Tango Hardware

Project TangoJanuary 8, 2016

Google and Lenovo made a joint announcement yesterday at CES 2016 which gives Lenovo the first crack at making Project Tango hardware. Read more

[UPDATE: 01/04/2016] Later this evening, Lenovo announced the new VIBE S1 Lite Android smartphone, and the LINK 32GB Android to Windows dongle. Check out the new products below!

Lenovo VIBE S1 Lite Smartphone Offers Affordable Performance And Entertainment

Lenovo-VIBE-S1-Lite-smartphoneJanuary 4, 2016

Lenovo is expanding its smartphone lineup once again, this time with the Lenovo VIBE S1 Lite which offers performance and entertainment at an affordable price. Read more

Lenovo LINK 32GB Provides Immersive, Easy-to-view Experiences

Lenovo-LINK-32GBJanuary 4, 2016

With Lenovo’s new LINK 32GB dongle, you can connect your Android smartphone to your Windows computer or laptop and create a mirror image of your smartphone on your computer screen. Read more

[UPDATE: 01/04/2016] The second batch of Lenovo products, most announced tonight during CES Unveiled include new gaming gear from Lenovo, a partnership with Razer, the YOGA 900S, ideapad 700 series notebooks, ideacentre 610S compact PC with optional projector, and the ideacentre 510S AIO!

Lenovo Levels Up Y900 Gaming Series, Partners With Razer

Lenovo-Y900-Y27g-gamingJanuary 4, 2016

Lenovo is levelling up their Y900 gaming series with the announcement of four new products, including two ultra-premium Razer Editions. Read more

Lenovo Launches YOGA Mouse And YOGA 900S As World’s Thinnest Convertible Laptop

Lenovo-YOGA-900S-KeyboardJanuary 4, 2016

In a bid to make the YOGA 900S the world’s thinnest ultraportable convertible laptop, Lenovo utilized carbon fiber in the design process. Read more

Lenovo ideacentre 610S Compact Home PC With Optional Projector

Lenovo-ideacentre-610S-with-projectorJanuary 4, 2016

In order to give users a new way to experience family entertainment, Lenovo has innovated once again with the ideacentre 610S. Read more

Lenovo ideapad 700 Series Notebooks Offer Power And Portability

Lenovo-ideapad-700January 4, 2016

Lenovo has unveiled a couple of new ideapad models for performance and portability — the ideapad 700 and the ideapad 710S notebooks. Read more

Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510S Is Super Slim And Elegant

Lenovo-ideacentre-AIO-510SJanuary 4, 2016

With a clean, space-saving design, the ideacentre AIO 510S is Lenovo’s latest addition to their all-in-one family. Read more

[UPDATE: 01/03/2016] The first batch of Lenovo’s new product lineups have been announced including a modular ThinkPad X1 tablet, business edition 2-in-1s, updated ThinkPad laptops, new ThinkPad Stack accessories, ThinkVision monitors, ThinkCentre-in-one II, and ThinkCentre X1 AIO. Check them out below!

Lenovo Introduces Modular ThinkPad X1 Tablet; Updates Think X1 Family

Lenovo-ThinkPad-X1-TabletJanuary 3, 2016

Lenovo has unveiled its newly expanded ThinkPad X1 line of computers. One of the new additions is the ThinkPad X1 Tablet with a unique Ultra Connect modular design. Read more

Lenovo Business Edition 2-in-1s Boast Design, Enterprise Security

Lenovo-Business-Edition-2-in-1s-Yoga-900-BEJanuary 3, 2016

Not everyone wants a desktop or laptop for business purposes, and Lenovo has a pair of 2-in-1 business edition 2-in-1s which give added flexibility to users. Read more

Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops Offer Multiple Solutions For Business

Lenovo-ThinkPad-13-FIJanuary 3, 2016

Lenovo has designed the latest generation of their ThinkPad family of laptops with customers that have performance, security, mobility, and durability at the top of their wanted features list. Read more

Lenovo ThinkPad Stack Expanded With Projector, Charging Station

wireless charged for multi-day on the go.January 3, 2016

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Stack was introduced last year and this year two new accessories, a projector and charging station, join the ThinkPad Stack lineup. Read more

Lenovo’s ThinkVision Monitors Boast Slim Designs, Integrated Extras

Lenovo-ThinkVision-MonitorJanuary 3, 2016

Lenovo has updated the ThinkVision X24 Pro monitor, and added the ThinkVision X1 27″ UltraHD monitor to its lineup this year. Read more

Lenovo Announces 2nd Generation ThinkCentre-in-One


January 3, 2016

Lenovo later followed up the ThinkCentre Tiny with the ThinkCentre-in-One (TIO), a display with an integrated mount on the back of the ThinkCentre-in-One. Read more

Lenovo Adds ThinkCentre X1 AIO To X1 Family

Lenovo-ThinkCentre-X1-AIOJanuary 3, 2016

Joining Lenovo’s X1 lineup is the new ThinkCentre X1 AIO, an all-in-one which offers an ultra-thin 11mm frame, making it one of the world’s thinnest desktops. Read more


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