Sherwin-Williams Releases ColorSnap Google Glass App


Updated with video: Thanks Jason T. Smith

Sherwin-Williams becomes the first major consumer brand to launch a Google Glass Application. The application was developed by Resource, one of the largest independent marketing agencies in the country. The app is available for download to your Google Glass but is still in beta and will likely have a few bugs and issues that will need to be ironed out.

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PengPod 1040: Dual Boot Tablet On Indiegogo


PengPod has announced their Indiegogo campaign for their proposed PengPod 1040 dual boot tablet. They are talking about a 9.7″ ultra high resolution tablet that will run Android and Linaro OS (a linux distro). PengPod is pitching this as an all in one solution to mobile and desktop needs.

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Rogers And Sprint Bring Connected Cars To Canada


Rogers Communications and Sprint announced a partnership that will allow Sprint to bring in-car “infotainment”, as they refer to it, and telematics to Canadian drivers. The agreement allows auto makers using Sprint Velocity in Canada to use the Rogers wireless network to connect vehicles on the road.

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Top Brands Bringing New Apps To Blackberry, But Is It Enough?


Blackberry announced some top brands jumping in on the Blackberry 10 app market. Blackberry is pretty excited about this development but is it enough to pull the struggling mobile giant from the quicksand? Martyn Mallick, Vice President of BlackBerry World and Global Alliances at BlackBerry had the following to say about the development.

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The Developer Interviews: Kahil Nettleton Of Spiderfly Studios (Android)


Thanks for doing this interview with us today Kahil! This is our very first developer interview for the site. I have always loved your work with the Glowfly app and the Spiderfly Studios design work looks stellar! As some of our readers know, I am a novice graphics designer and you were kind enough to take one of my designs and polish it up for use on our Google+ and Twitter page.  Thanks so much for doing that.

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Microsoft Updates Windows Phone App Studio


In their on going effort to reach out to developers, Microsoft has released an update to their Windows Phone App Studio. Among the more notable improvements is the addition of new graphic elements such as icons and backgrounds. And the integration of SkyDrive, so that developers can access pictures quickly.  Read on below for the more meaty details of the press release.

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The 4.7b Dollar Blackberry Deal

BlackberryInvertedLogoYesterday we reported on the woes of Blackberry. There was also speculation that Blackberry would be up for bid to try and save the struggling mobile company from sinking into oblivion. Today Blackberry announced a Letter of Intent led by Fairfax Financial, who already owned some of Blackberry. Below is an excerpt from the Blackberry press release.

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Why You Should Consider iPhone And iOS For Your Next Mobile Platform


A few days ago I brought you just a few reasons why you should consider Android as your next mobile platform. Today I will give you some reasons why iOS could be your choice in mobile. As I did in my Android article, I am going to focus on the good points of iOS and the iPhone. There are plenty of resources on the internet that will give you their reasons not to adopt iOS (I have my own as well), but for this article, I am focusing on why you should consider iOS.

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Why You Should Consider Android For Your Next Mobile Platform


The mobile market is the most intense in competition than it has been in years. The platform players have been shaved down to three major runners, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone (one can make an argument for Blackberry pulling up the rear). The intensity of competition even rings through websites and social networks, where loyal users from each camp take up arms and fight to the death through forum and site comments.

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