Review: Kinivo WHD110 Wireless 5G HDMI Transmitter and Receiver System


Many of us have more than one television.  Many of us also have cable boxes, game consoles, PCs, etc. that we’ve connected to one of our televisions.  But what if you’d like to watch content from those consoles, cable boxes, etc. on one of your other televisions without uprooting all of your hardware?  Kinivo offers a wireless HDMI extender that will come to your rescue.

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Review: JLab EPIC Earbuds

JLab Audio is well known throughout both the tech and music industries for delivering quality audio accessories for hardcore audiophiles and the average consumer alike. The company designs some of the highest quality headphones and Bluetooth speakers on the market. Recently, JLab sent me a pair of their EPIC in-ear earbuds to test out. Spoiler alert: I was impressed.

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