All New HTC One (M8) Reviewed


In 2013, HTC was coming off of a rough year. They had gone a year with the One X as their flagship device, and though reviews placed the device on equal footing with the Samsung Galaxy S III, sales were faltering. At that time HTC was using a similar camera to the S III and was also using a polycarbonate shell.

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apple iphone 6 concept

HTC M8, Samsung S5, It’s Your Turn Apple


HTC just announced and unveiled their newest flagship phone, the HTC One M8. The M8 is the much anticipated follow up to last year’s HTC One M7. Initial impressions and reactions seem to be positive for the M8. Having owned the M7 before my current iPhone 5s, my initial impressions of the M8 are also positive. It seems HTC has managed to take an excellent design and make it that much better.

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The Regular Guy Review: Google/LG Nexus 5

Nexus 5

There are plenty of long, wordy, clinical reviews of the Nexus 5 to be found around the web.  Loads of sites will give you all sorts of empirical data, battery rundown tests, and lots of trivialities that won’t mean much of anything to someone simply trying to use their phone.  I would like to break from tradition and take this in a bit of a different direction.  I’m a pretty normal guy, and I use my phone in pretty normal ways – I’ve played some games, viewed some social media, made some calls, etc.  I also bought the Nexus 5 for my own personal use…no review hardware for me.  Please continue reading to see if I am happy with my new daily driver.

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Phone Choices, Can’t We All Just Get Along?


As an avid Android user I often wonder how anyone can choose another platform for their personal device on a daily basis. I fully realize that people have different tastes, and want something I might not, or need something I might not care so much about. I often poke fun at people with iPhones, Windows Phones and BlackBerrys. However, this has always been in jest and never meant to belittle anyone or their choices. Despite my lack of understanding, I have always believed that multiple platforms are a good idea as they drive change thereby bettering the experience for all users.

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Case-Mate Launches Style Box™


Well this a different. Casemate launches their Style Box Program, smartphone owners can trial an assortment of some of Case-Mate’s most stylish cases for 7-days, keep their favorites, and return the rest back to Case-Mate, free of charge! In addition, Case-Mate will offer purchase discount incentives for Style Box customers – the more cases you keep, the more you save.

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Rant Editorial: HTC One Four Months Later

It has been a little over four months since I sold my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and purchased the HTC One. You can find my thoughts and reasons for this switch over on Android Dissected.  I had some harsh words for Samsung and some sharp criticism for one of their flagship phones. So what is life like now, four months later, with the HTC One? I’ll go over some of my experiences and cover weather or not I am still enjoying the HTC One.

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