OWC announces its Mercury Elite Pro Dual

It’s no lie that having some external storage on your desk at home or in an office is a valuable asset. Being able to store important files locally is an option many users need and want.

This was the Best of IFA 2019

We saw a ton of stuff at IFA 2019 but we could only pick a few things we thought were the Best of IFA 2019, here they are.

[IFA 2019] This is the new TCL PLEX smartphone

TCL says the PLEX “best-in-class imaging standards with an industry-leading camera with super low-light sensor and super wide-angle lens, as well as a fluid, intuitive interface to ensure efficient interaction between you and your smartphones at all times.”

[IFA 2019] Seagate announces new One Touch SSD

The pocket-sized One Touch SSD is wrapped in either white or black woven fabric with a “cozy,” textured feel, while the One Touch SSD Special Edition features limited-run camo patterns.