LG Nexus 5

Giveaway! The Limefuel L28N5 Battery Case (CLOSED WINNER CHOSEN)

This contest is closed, please congratulate the winner SIRREED!


Yesterday we brought you a review of the Limefuel L28N5 battery case, and it left us very impressed. Read the whole review HERE. We liked it so much we decided to team up with the awesome folks over at Limefuel to give away an L28N5 to ONE lucky Techaeris reader! Yes indeed, you could win your very own Nexus 5 battery case from Limefuel and Techaeris! 

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The Regular Guy Review: Google/LG Nexus 5

Nexus 5

There are plenty of long, wordy, clinical reviews of the Nexus 5 to be found around the web.  Loads of sites will give you all sorts of empirical data, battery rundown tests, and lots of trivialities that won’t mean much of anything to someone simply trying to use their phone.  I would like to break from tradition and take this in a bit of a different direction.  I’m a pretty normal guy, and I use my phone in pretty normal ways – I’ve played some games, viewed some social media, made some calls, etc.  I also bought the Nexus 5 for my own personal use…no review hardware for me.  Please continue reading to see if I am happy with my new daily driver.

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