San Jose California

Google Looking To Expand Its Fiber Availability To 34 More Cities


San Jose Mercury News is reporting Google is courting the city of San Jose to receive its Google Fiber services along with 33 other cities. For those who do not know what Google Fiber is, in a nutshell, it’s supersonic internet. With speeds up to 1000mbps it pretty much blows your current ISP speeds out of the water. Hopefully these 34 cities are not a stopping point for the service, there are many more people who love to get this kind of speed.

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Sprint Calling On Developers To Create The Next Big App


Sprint is issuing a challenge to developers to bring their app ideas to CITA’s MobileCon in San Jose California and turn those ideas into the real deal. They are dubbing this challenge the Sprint Hackathon and it will be held Friday, Oct. 17-18 at MobileCon. Sprint is throwing in FREE registration to MobileCon including all the keynotes, panel discussions, thought leadership stages, trade show and networking just for registering for the Hackathon.  Looks like there will be categories and prizes for this Hackathon, take a look at the list below.

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