wireless charging

Moto 360 Wireless Charging Plus Pricing

This week we discovered one very important feature for the upcoming Moto 360, Motorola’s smartwatch that is expected to be revealed on June 25th at Google I/O. Wireless charging will most likely be revealed for the Moto 360 as part of the product announcement on Wednesday. This information comes from an FCC filing last week by Motorola for a Smart Watch Wireless Charger.

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Quick Review: TYLT VU Wireless Charger


Wireless charging has come a long way over the past year. Phones like the Nexus 5 have improved their efficiency at wireless charging and third party charging solutions are vastly better. One such charging solution is the TYLT VU Wireless charging stand. TYLT makes some excellent products all around, we have reviewed several of them here on Techaeris.

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Review: UNU Aero Wireless Charging Case iPhone 5/5s


The competition in the iPhone battery case arena is so hot I’m finding it hard to say anything really new about them. I’ve reviewed several battery cases for the iPhone 5/5s in just a few short months. Each one did what it was supposed to do and each one had their share of quirks and really nice features. So, what could a company possibly do to stand out from all the other battery cases? Go wireless.

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