Stephen Elop Takes The Reigns Of Microsoft’s Devices and Studios Division

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Microsoft is experience some high level management shake ups this morning. First Julie Larson-Green has been moved to the position of Chief Experience Officer and now ex Nokia man Stephen Elop is taking the helm at the devices and studios division. This division includes Xbox and the Surface lineup. Larson-Green sent out a memo explaining the moves to her team (find that below). One things for certain, Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella, seems to be working fast to restructure and place people where he feels they’ll be of best use. It remains to be seen if these choices are good or bad but at least there seems to be a battle plan. Not quiet sure what Elop has to offer in the gaming sector of Microsoft but I’m sure he has some good ideas for the Surface products. Elop has worked for Microsoft in the past as President of the Business division so he has insight and experience into Microsoft culture. What do you guys think of the upper management shake up at Microsoft? Let us know in the comments below! Read Larson-Green’s full memo after the break.

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