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Creating content and managing websites is not an easy task, especially when you’re trying to get to the next level rather quickly. When I started Techaeris it was a much more manageable endeavor, traffic was nearly non-existent, I didn’t know a whole lot about SEO ins and outs and we didn’t care much for proper form or editing. It started out little more than a normal personal blog and it was a terrible mess.

But things change and they change fast. It wasn’t long before we started to gain traffic and I started researching and consuming educational material that would assist me in understanding how to properly run a website rather than a just a blog. We started to improve our standards, taking time to properly SEO our articles as well as edit them for grammatical errors and consistency in format. We moved from to a self-install of and used a custom theme rather than a pre-built theme. Even today we’re improving our professional standards and investing in tools that make the site a reliable source for information.

Over the past five years plus we’ve morphed from a simple one-man technology blog into what I’d call an authoritative technology news source. Currently, our staff is made up of volunteers who all believe that we’re building something awesome here and are excited to see the fruits of their labor pay off. We’ve gone from nearly begging companies to send us review products to having daily requests asking us to review products. It has taken time but everything good takes time to grow and foster into success.

We have learned a lot over the past five years and one of those things is that it isn’t easy to make money doing this. While we do run Google Ads, Amazon Ads, and other affiliate ads, this is often not enough to make ends meet. Unlike websites like The Verge, Engadget, CNET, Techcrunch, and others. We do not have millions of operation dollars from a corporate entity. So we’re asking for your help. If you love our content, please consider visiting the affiliate links listed below. We would really appreciate your help and visiting these links costs you nothing and benefits us in a small way.

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Thanks again to you all for reading, watching, and listening. Here’s to many more years to come!

Alex Hernandez – Owner and Editor-In-Chief

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