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Techaeris was founded in 2013 by Alex Hernandez and covers all manner of technology, science, art, photography, and life. The mission of Techaeris is to offer honest reporting, unique stories, some news coverage, product information/reviews, and social interaction with our readers.

We strive to remain objective and open-minded about technology and label opinion pieces as such. We’re glad you’ve decided to stop by and have a read and we hope you stay, invite some friends and come back again and again!

Editorial Staff

Alex Hernandez – Owner/Editor-In-ChiefAlex Hernandez Techaeris

Alex has been writing and blogging for over 6 years and has a passion for technology and geeky type stuff. With five children and two websites to run, Alex remains busy most every day all day.

Jason Bouwmeester – Senior EditorJason-Bouwmeester

Married, father of 2 who’s also a gaming/tech geek, Xbox Live Ambassador, sometimes photographer and wannabe guitar player from Alberta, Canada.

Josh Tryon TechaerisJosh Tryon – Video Producer

Married, father of 2 and super duper video producer who loves tech and geeky things…I also love drones!

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