Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Apologizes For ‘Real Name’ Crackdown

Image Courtesy of TheNextWeb

In a (fittingly) Facebook post earlier today, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox, offered a sincere apology for their implementation and recent stringent enforcement of their “real name” policy.  If you don’t remember, the accounts of quite a few drag queens, and other members of the LGBT community were flagged and banned due to the use of a stage name, or performance name rather than their real name.  For anyone who’s entire life exists as a pseudonym, this was an especially troubling move.  Conveniently, right around this same time, the “Anti-Facebook” Social Network Ello started popping up and happily accepting any and all who felt betrayed by Facebook (before going to an invite system due to increased popularity).  You can read Mr. Cox’s heart-felt response below.

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