FDA Approves Advanced Prosthetic Arm For Clinical Use

Photo Courtesy of LiveScience.com

The Food and Drug Administration has recently approved the use of a highly advanced prosthetic arm for clinical use.  The DEKA arm – as mentioned in the source article – does certainly have some similarities to Luke Skywalker’s prosthetic in The Empire Strikes Back.  But probably the most exciting thing about the DARPA funded project is that it’s a huge step up from the most commonly available prosthetic arm.  Please keep reading for more information.

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Night Vision – Coming Soon To Contact Lenses


Night vision devices have played a part in any number of movies, tv shows, and video games as well as their prominent use in real life – mainly by the military and law enforcement.  One thing has always been true of these devices: they’ve always been fairly big and bulky.  The University of Michigan is looking to change all of that with a recent breakthrough in light detection. 

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