NASA Brings I, Robot To Life With Its Humanoid Valkyrie


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NASA launched its Valkyrie humanoid robot recently, standing 6 foot 2 inches tall this thing looks awesome. “Designed for the DARPA Robotics Challenge, Valkyrie — officially named R5 — is expected to aid disaster relief efforts. It’s a role that could require driving vehicles, cleaning up debris and cut through walls. It will have a chance to show off its skills during the DARPA Robotics Challenge, held Dec. 20-21 in Homestead, Fla.” This is a cool project and I really hope I can see humanoid type robots in use in my lifetime. I know it’s probably a long shot but one can hope.

“We want to get to Mars,” team leader Nicolaus Radford said in an IEEE Spectrum video about the robot. “Likely, NASA will send robots ahead of the astronauts to the planet. These robots will start preparing the way for the human explorers, and when the humans arrive, the robots and the humans will work together in conjunction building[habitats], laying foundation and just working together in that tight relationship. Technologies such as Valkyrie are going to really lead into the type of robotic systems that will one day be the precursor missions before the astronauts go to Mars.”

“We really wanted to design the appearance of this robot to be one that when you saw it, you were going to be like, ‘Wow, that’s awesome,” Radford said. “It’s . . . very capable, very strong, completely self-contained. We have a two-kilowatt-hour battery, lots of onboard computing.”

Check out the video after the break and hit the source link below.

Source: CBS

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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