Facebook Can See Not Just The Posts You Make But The Posts You Don’t Make



Time Tech is reporting that Facebook can see what you’re typing even if you don’t publish it. Facebook has confirmed that this is true and says that users were informed of this possibility in its Data Use Policy. Of course this comes as a shocker to most everyone because most everyone just skips over those legalese riddled policies. It’s getting to the point you need to have a law degree to use internet services. There’s only  three ways you can prevent Facebook from seeing your unpublished posts, turn off Javascript, stop posting to Facebook or delete your Facebook account. Makes one wonder what the other social networks can see. Nothing should surprise us anymore really.

UPDATE: For those who mistook this as a “sensational” piece. Facebook doesn’t use keyloggers please read the quote from TIME Tech. Thanks


A study on self-censorship online showed that Facebook can track any post longer than 5 characters typed into the online social network, even if the user never publishes the post, the Los Angeles Times reports. Researchers considered a post to be self-censored if it was not published within 10 minutes. Facebook said it does not record the exact content of what users type before they publish, just that users are typing something. The company also said it has no plans to track unpublished words that users type.

Hit the link below for source.

Source: Time Tech, LA Times

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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