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Hey boys and girls! Welcome to Techaeris (pronounced TECH-AIR-US). Techaeris is a combination of the words technology and aeris, which is the Latin word for atmosphere or air. This website is about today’s tech in mobile, science, photography, gaming and more. I am going to try and bring you a variety of stories here that will all tie into technology in some way.

Many of you know me from xda-developers, Google+, and AndroidSPIN. So, you know the passion I have for all things tech. Most recently I was writing for an Android site and enjoyed every minute of it. But I longed to write about more than just Android-related topics, and this is why this project, Techaeris, was born.

Since this is a brand-new site and I am currently the only contributor, things are going to be a bit slow in the beginning. However, I hope to bring you the best tech content from around the web as well as original material. Please stick with me and show your support by sharing the site with all your social circles. Be sure to add me to your RSS feed and check back often for new content. Thanks so much for checking out the site, and I hope to be cruising along and expanding soon!

Enjoy the site!


Last Updated on November 10, 2017.

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