Dell And Tobii Bring Eye Gaze Interaction To Tablets



Tobii Technology is a company specializing in eye tracking and gaze interaction technology, and now they have partnered with Dell to bring that technology to the tablet platform. The Dell Latitude 10 tablet with Intel® Clover Trail™ Atom Dual Core, 1.8Ghz will be the first device to integrate Tobii’s eye gaze. This will allow people with various disabilities the ability to perform tasks they otherwise would not be able to. Some of the tasks they will be able to perform include accessing the internet, utilizing social media and online banking, managing their healthcare, and basically everything a person can do on a computer or tablet device. Another great feature is that this technology is portable, allowing the user to take it wherever they go and further enriching and improving the quality of life.

Oscar Werner, president of Tobii Assistive Technology comments: “The Tobii EyeMobile is so powerful because it will enable millions of people with physical disabilities to live more independently, engage with others via internet and social media, and even get back to work and attend education programs.”

Tobii has the technology and Dell has the consumer computing reach around the globe as well as OEM support, giving Tobii’s customers a sense of security knowing if something goes wrong they will have someone to turn to.

“Providing full 24/7 access to a modern tablet to people with, for example, spinal cord injuries, has the potential to reduce care cost as well as improve their lives. We encourage researchers and care providers to closely evaluate the Tobii EyeMobile as it opens up avenues that were previously not available to this group of people,” comments Oscar Werner. “We decided to partner with Dell OEM Solutions not only for its support package but more specifically the battery life of the Latitude tablet. With the eye tracker running, the battery lasts for eight or nine hours even when streaming video, using WiFi and alternating brightness. The removable battery means that users can swap batteries when they’re out and about, further increasing running time.”

Expect to see the Dell Latitude 10 tablet with Tobii Eye Gaze Technology somewhere near the end of 2013. Also expect to see this technology make its way to the home computer as well. No doubt Tobii will partner with Dell again, depending on how this initial venture fares, for the desktop versions. This really is a great advancement in technology and such a great benefit to those with physical disabilities. If the execution is done correctly, the possibilities are endless. We could see this expand beyond Dell and the Windows platform, potentially having Android and iOS devices integrated with this same technology.

Soruce: Dell Tobii

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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