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Canon U.S.A., Inc. is showcasing their new line of Full HD IP Video security cameras at ASIS 2013. Canon will have eight models available including Pan-Tilt-Zoom, Fixed Dome and Box style cameras. Canon is boasting precision optics and outstanding image quality. Maybe the days of those blurry convenience store robbery images are over. This is definitely a great improvement for security conscious business and wealthy homeowners alike. The cameras are also said to contain built in video analytics software. A little more on that in the quote below.

These Canon Full HD and Megapixel IP Security cameras include built-in video analytics to assist monitoring personnel in identifying potentially crucial image details. This includes moving, removed and abandoned object detection. The four Full HD IP Security cameras also offer passing (or “tripwire”) detection. User-adjustable in terms of detection characteristics, such as sensitivity, area and duration, video analytics can engage configured alarms and notification functions. All eight cameras also feature camera analytics, which include detection of camera tampering and sound-level detection that may indicate vandalism or sabotage.

Additional features shared by each of these security cameras include a privacy mask function to block sensitive locations (such as ATM keypads or computer monitors) from the cameras’ view while still allowing for a full range of motion. The cameras feature two-way audio connectors for bi-directional sound communication, built-in management tools and a web viewer function for remote video monitoring by authorized users on supported web browsers.

As I said above, HD IP surveillance is going to be a great thing in certain applications. But you can also bet that your local governments are going to be snatching these right up. Now those license plates will be much clearer in the photo they send to your house. What are your thoughts on HD Video surveillance?

Photo Credit: Flickr

Website: Canon

Last Updated on April 16, 2024.


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