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Our UK readers will be pleased to know that LightwaveRF , a company in the smart home technology field, has released their Android App to help users control their smart home experience. LightwaveRF controls dimmer switches, ultra slim-line power sockets and LED lights, all from your smartphone or tablet. While LightwaveRF rolled out their hardware they’ve been improving and working on the software end to improve the UE. Android is the first platform to get the LightwaveRF app, iOS users can expect to see it in the coming weeks.

Jim Kimberley Technical Manager from LightwaveRF said:

“We are very pleased to release our new, dedicated Android app, which will allow customers to control their LightwaveRF devices more easily. The new platform is also important, as it will allow us to add new features in the coming weeks to accommodate our growing product range. We will also be providing an all new iOS app in the coming weeks, followed by a web platform before the end of the year.”

The following features are in LightwaveRF’s new Android app. Create up to eight separate room zones and add 6 hardware pieces to each zone. Add up to three mood settings per zone. Control all lighting plus the power with your Android phone. Set it to control even your appliances and even more.  The Android app is free, check out the link below for more on the hardware. Remember this is a UK company.

Website: LightwaveRF

Playstore: LightwaveRF

Last Updated on April 16, 2024.


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