Agawi TouchMarks II Test Latencies In Flagship Tablets Apple Leads The Pack



Agawi is an app streaming company that introduced streaming mobile apps from the cloud to touch enabled devices. They also have taken an interest in testing mobile device touch screens for latency and responsiveness, the benchmark they use is called TouchMarks. While we tend to focus on the resolution and PPI of our devices we rarely talk about the responsiveness of them, unless they are really awfully obvious.


The unit of measure used in TouchMarks is the Minimum App Response Time or MART. So let the debates begin as we unpack the results. At the top of the list and best performer (in terms of MART) the iPad mini had a response time of 75 Milliseconds. At the bottom of the pile and worst performer was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 with a 168 Millisecond response time. The second best spot belongs to the iPad 4th generation with a 81 Millisecond response time. The Google Nexus 7 fell just above the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 with a 135 Millisecond response time.


“App responsiveness is judged by how quickly an app can respond to your touch inputs,” said Rohan Relan, co-founder and CEO of Agawi. “MART scores are really important in understanding how fast a touch device can possibly respond to your touch, even if the app is doing absolutely nothing else.”

How TouchMarks Measures Response Time
Agawi specializes in providing technology that runs rich, interactive apps in the cloud and streams them to iOS, Android and WP8 mobile devices. In order to make sure that adding cloud based processing to a smartphone app is acceptable to an end user, Agawi’s team of engineers from Stanford and Netflix had to build a device they call a Touchscope to measure the response times of touchscreens to an accuracy level of +/-4 milliseconds to get the MART score of the device, and then add the cloud processing response time to calculate the end-to-end user perceived response time.

As always these types of tests are going to be debated and argued over by the loyal users of the platforms represented. But for now, in terms of screen responsiveness, it seems Apple has the edge over the competition. Hit the link below for more on Agawi’s TouchMark II testing.

TouchMarks II

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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