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Amazon launched their Appstore Developer Select program yesterday further pushing away from any Google ecosytem. Appstore Developer Select is a program for developers who optimize their apps and games for Amazon’s Appstore and Fire OS. To us this is an effort to push the Google Playstore out of the picture furthering Amazon’s efforts to develop their own ecosystem completely set apart from Google. We already know that Fire OS is based on Android but heavily modified. It runs applications from either the Google Playstore or Amazon App Store but this developer program is pushing to make Fire OS optimized apps. Amazon is telling developers if they optimize their apps for their platform this will offer them broad range of marketing and economic benefits. This will in turn increase the developers app exposure and sales. “Appstore Developer Select apps receive premium placement in the Amazon Appstore, 500,000 ad impressions on the Amazon Mobile Ad Network, and automatic inclusion in the Amazon Appstore Coins Reward category. Customers will receive Amazon Coins when they purchase Appstore Developer Select apps, games, and in-app items. Developers in the program also receive credits equaling 25% off their first$2,000 in AWS services annually.”

“To qualify for Appstore Developer Select, apps simply need to be optimized for the Amazon Appstore and Fire OS and include relevant Amazon APIs, such as GameCircle, In-App Purchasing, and Mobile Ads. Optimized apps are those that render natively in high definition (HD) and use the entire screen without distortion, pixilation or stretching. Existing Amazon Appstore developers, including HTML5 developers, with qualifying apps will be automatically enrolled in the Appstore Developer Select program. Other developers should optimize their apps now to prepare for the start of the holiday season when customers can earn Coins with the purchase of qualified Appstore Developer Select apps, games and in-app items. The Appstore Developer Select program is available for developers worldwide, and developers can learn more about the benefits and how to optimize their apps at”

“Mobile app developers have told us that getting their apps discovered across the numerous devices customers are using is one of their biggest challenges,” said Mike George, Vice President of Amazon Appstore, Games and Cloud Drive. “With the Appstore Developer Select program, we’re addressing these discoverability concerns by providing developers with enhanced merchandising opportunities. In addition, we’re helping drive sales by offering Coins rewards on high quality, engaging apps for customers.”

“We already strive to create high quality apps for the Amazon Appstore and have found it very easy to integrate Amazon APIs such as Mobile Associates and mobile ads,” said Jennifer Wong with Alt12 Apps. “With this program, Amazon is rewarding us with one of the most critical needs we have as developers – to get our apps in front of more customers.”

“As a self-publishing developer working hard to build engaging, high quality apps, a program like Appstore Developer Select helps us get noticed by showcasing the highest quality apps for consumers,” saidVictor Rubba, CEO of Fluik Entertainment. “Discoverability is a challenge we often face and with Amazon providing featured merchandising and 500,000 mobile ad impressions we will be seen by more customers which leads to more purchases and a stronger ROI with Amazon.”

Amazon continues pushing will developers jump on the train? Hit the link for the full PR.

Amazon PR

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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