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Well there is yet another launcher and lockscreen app out on the Playstore, Start. Developed by Celltick this launcher and lockscreen app takes your phone to another level. Check out the video and press release below.

Celltick, a global leader in mobile initiated commerce, today announced the launch of Start, a next-generation customizable Android interface. Start enables businesses to get presence and engage their users on the most prized real estate on the mobile device – the start screen. With Start, Celltick aims to democratize the smartphone market that is being dominated and governed by a few large companies.

Users enjoy fast access to what matters most to them as soon as they wake up their phone. With a single finger swipe, Start allows users to make calls to favorite contacts, launch tens of apps, explore their social media feeds, access camera and multi-media functionalities, view videos and pictures, and engage with the most relevant global and local content and services.

Start is different for each user. Start incorporates a recommendation engine that is based on big data technologies and uses collaborative filtering for individualizing the initial configuration as well as do ongoing recommendations based on user behavior. Nevertheless, users can customize and personalize everything on Start to make it their own.

With Start, Celltick enables its partners to have a substantial play in the mobile arena and the opportunity to provide value and monetize through the user’s lifetime. Carriers can provide a high value interface to their subscribers that increases engagement, creates a rich branded communication medium and provides increased monetization. Media companies may utilize Start to have an easy way to transition their assets from the Web to the mobile, consolidating them on the start screen while improving engagement and monetization. Device manufacturers use Start’s unique capabilities to differentiate themselves against their competition while ensuring a long-term relationship with consumers and monetization capabilities beyond the sale of the device.

“The average person interacts with their smartphone about 150 times per day,” says Ronen Daniel, CEO of Celltick. “We created Start to help consumers maximize every engagement they have with their device while ensuring that our partners can leverage it for the best of the ecosystem. For us, it was about developing a cool, personalized platform that provides all the relevant information for individuals with a single finger swipe at the start screen. The Start recommendation engine acts as a virtual concierge and is complementary to how you’re already using your smartphone.”

Celltick has already partnered with more than 15 partners including media companies such as Yahoo!, ESPN, iG Brazil, the industry’s leading mobile carriers, and a number of handset manufacturer brands to enable distribution of Start as of today in certain parts of the globe.

The growing Start ecosystem includes hundreds of themes and plug-ins that are readily available to download from Google Play. Start is available today for Android users worldwide.

If you are interested hit the Google Play link below to get Start.



Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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